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Could the new kingmakers turn us into puppets?
"Developers as the new kingmakers is now an established meme. But they should not be the arbiters of what is ethical programming. That debate has to be much wider."
devops  nosql  and  the  open  source  stack  digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  governing  identity  privacy  security  ethics 
8 days ago by jonerp
New Relic’s Lew Cirne and the art of knowing your place
"Knowing where your company is addressing needs is a recipe for success."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  devops  nosql  the  open  source  stack  digital  enterprise  in  real  world 
11 days ago by jonerp
An Overview of Scylla Architecture - ScyllaDB
Scylla architecture is a new approach to NoSQL data store design that scales to large numbers of cores per node with minimal overhead.
nosql  stack  diagram  scylla  cassandra 
12 days ago by po
RocksDB - Wikipedia
As an embeddable database, RocksDB can be used as a storage engine within a larger database management system (DBMS). For example, CockroachDB uses RocksDB as its storage engine.[29]
nosql  database  tool  cli 
18 days ago by cjitlal
SAP TechEd 2018 – focusing on cloud complexity, ABAP, APIs and events
"There's a bright world ahead for SAP developers. How is this manifesting itself and what are the challenges?"
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  devops  nosql  the  open  source  stack  event  reports 
23 days ago by jonerp

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