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Nosferatu is only viewable today due to piracy
'In 1922 a German court ordered all prints and negatives of Nosferatu destroyed following a copyright dispute with the widow of Bram Stoker. The film only exists today because of piracy. One copy survived and somehow found it's way to America, where Dracula was already in the public domain. That's it. That's the only reason you've ever seen the granddaddy of all horror movies.'
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Rare photograph of Max Schreck sitting in between takes of "Nosferatu", 1922
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25 Best Vampire Movies
Despite all warnings from the town, an agent and his bride travel to visit Nosferatu, who hopes to purchase a new estate. There is a big payday if the agent completes the sale, but his bride is also at stake. And while future films will go to great and exciting lengths to romanticize and sexualize the creature that beckons a potential eternal bride, Nosferatu works as a stunning metaphor for the blindness people have when financial rewards are dangled. Even when it’s dangling from claws.
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Rudy is Nosferatu
How did we not see this before? Atrios nails it. When his eyes get all wide when he's making a point? Totally. F.W. Murnau must be an executive producer on the campaign.
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