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North Korea: Where can its missiles reach? - ABC News
Theoretically, only South America is safe from the missiles of North Korea.
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Where can North Korea’s missiles reach?
»Where can North Korea’s missiles reach?« — Very nice dataviz.
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The world once laughed at North Korean cyberpower. No more • The New York Times
David Sanger, David Kirkpatrick and Nicole Perlroth:
<p> just as Western analysts once scoffed at the potential of the North’s nuclear program, so did experts dismiss its cyberpotential — only to now acknowledge that hacking is an almost perfect weapon for a Pyongyang that is isolated and has little to lose.

The country’s primitive infrastructure is far less vulnerable to cyberretaliation, and North Korean hackers operate outside the country, anyway. Sanctions offer no useful response, since a raft of sanctions are already imposed. And Mr. Kim’s advisers are betting that no one will respond to a cyberattack with a military attack, for fear of a catastrophic escalation between North and South Korea.

“Cyber is a tailor-made instrument of power for them,” said Chris Inglis, a former deputy director of the National Security Agency, who now teaches about security at the United States Naval Academy. “There’s a low cost of entry, it’s largely asymmetrical, there’s some degree of anonymity and stealth in its use. It can hold large swaths of nation state infrastructure and private-sector infrastructure at risk. It’s a source of income.”

Mr. Inglis, speaking at the Cambridge Cyber Summit this month, added: “You could argue that they have one of the most successful cyberprograms on the planet, not because it’s technically sophisticated, but because it has achieved all of their aims at very low cost.”

It is hardly a one-way conflict: By some measures the United States and North Korea have been engaged in an active cyberconflict for years.</p>

I'm writing a book about hacking (to be published next year); one of the chapters is about the Sony Pictures hack in late 2014, which was by North Korea. At the time, lots of people dismissed the idea. But they overlooked Kim Jong-un's understanding when he took over that cyberwarfare has gigantic returns - and huge deniability. It's almost the opposite of nuclear weapons.
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This is a little detail that matters on 's Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile.…
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RT : : threatens to launch missiles "into waters near the U.S Territory of "
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