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Fox News double standard
Video clips about Obama vs Trump meeting with North Korea
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North Korea–Russia relations - Wikipedia
In September 2012 Russia agreed to write off 90% of North Korea's $11 billion historic debt to Russia as a sign of closer engagement with North Korea's new leader.[14] The $1 billion North Korea has to repay will be used to finance Russian investment in humanitarian and energy projects in North Korea.[15] This agreement removed legal blocks hindering the financing of trade between the two countries.[15]
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Russia's North Korea power play unsettles China and US - CNN
The Kremlin may not become Pyongyang's most steadfast and critical defender in this newest conflagration, but its cameo in the region is another attempt by Russian President Vladimir Putin to insert himself into a geo-political stalemate involving the US.
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'I Worry Every Night About War': Minnesotan on US-Korean Talks | KSTP-TV | March 9, 2018
Political Science professor Andrew Latham was interviewed about the possible meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jung-Un.
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A U.S.-North Korea summit: What could possibly go wrong?
Despite the optimism flowing from the recent South Korean dialogue with Kim Jong-un, especially the widespread belief that North Korea is prepared to denuclearize, the North Korean leader has in fact not agreed to give up his nuclear weapons. As the South’s envoy to Pyongyang said during his post-visit press conference in Seoul, the North Koreans stated their “willingness” to “denuclearize the Korean Peninsula” in return for a removal of the “threat” and once Pyongyang feels “secure.” This language is virtually identical to a phrase (“the denuclearization of the whole Korean Peninsula”) that veterans of negotiations with the North Koreans have heard many times over the years. A clear understanding of its meaning will show that North Korea’s vision of “denuclearization” bears no resemblance to the American understanding of that term.

In recent years, senior North Korean officials have told U.S. officials and participants in non-governmental dialogues exactly what this phrase means. They have said it means the elimination of the “threat” posed by the U.S.-South Korea alliance, by U.S. troops on the Korean Peninsula, and by the U.S. nuclear umbrella that defends South Korea and Japan. They have told us that, in return for U.S. steps to eliminate these “threats” the DPRK would “consider” denuclearization in 10-20 years’ time if Pyongyang feels “secure.”
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Kim Jong-un displays sense of humor during meeting with South Korean special delegation : North Korea : News : The Hankyoreh
Kim also made a lighthearted remark about the installation of a hotline between the two leaders, which was one of the six points to which South and North Korea agreed. “Now if the technical discussion stalls and the North Korean negotiators step out of line, it will be easy for President Moon and I to work it out by chatting on our direct line,” Kim said.
Kim also explained the reason that the special delegation was put up at the Kobangsan Guest House rarther than the Baekhwawon Guest House, where South Korean VIPs have stayed on previous visit to the North. “I’m told you are staying at the Kobangsan Guest House. I hope you will understand that the Baekhwawon Guest House is not available because it’s being renovated,” Kim said.
“It wouldn’t do for us to be remiss [in entertaining South Korea’s special delegation to the North] after our people [the North Korean high-ranking delegation to the South] came home from such excellent entertainment in South Korea,” Kim was also quoted as saying with a smile. Kim’s remarks are being taken as both expressing his gratitude to Moon for inviting special envoy Kim Yo-jong to the Blue House for lunch and indicating how much effort he put into the accommodations and protocol for the special delegation to the North.
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Professor Andrew Latham | KARE-11 Morning Headlines | March 9, 2018
Political Science professor Andrew Latham was on KARE-11 talking about the possibility of President Trump meeting with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. The interview begins at 2:56.
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Russia’s Love Affair With North Korea | The Diplomat
Russia's Love Affair With North Korea

The logic behind Moscow’s economic outreach to Pyongyang.
By Samuel Ramani
February 13, 2017
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