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Many Chinese suffer discrimination based on their regional origin - Province and prejudice
THE SCHOOLCHILDREN started to vomit. Some fell unconscious and were whisked into hospital. Angry parents demanded an explanation. The food-poisoning scandal quickly lit up Chinese social media.
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10 days ago by xer0x
Northeast Splitboarding Finds Community at Pico Mountain, Vermont | Teton Gravity Research
There’s something to be said for the Northeast, the unique terrain, the mentality of the true-grit natives who stay committed through rollercoaster weather patterns.
northeast  splitboarding 
5 weeks ago by cspanring
Momentum building to fill in Grand Rounds’ missing link
It’s an idea more than a century in the making: Minneapolis could one day have a massive trail system for bicyclists and pedestrians that encircles the whole city.

And next year, local and regional officials could vote on making it complete.
local  northeast  parks  trails 
december 2018 by emkay
Framed in the context of racism faced by people from India, R K Debbarma discusses how blaming “fringe e…
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november 2018 by kamal
Review: Popol Vuh and the rise of a Mexican culinary star
The four-course tasting menu ($45) is a fuss-free way to get a feel for Popol Vuh’s ethos. The dishes change seasonally, and recently comprised a jicama and beet salad; a steak tartare served atop a fresh, thick cornmeal tortilla; a firm hunk of opah fish in a pool of vegan guajillo mole; and an expert carne asada with tender flank steak and a rich chile jus.
food  northeast  restaurant 
october 2018 by emkay
When you go in to the garage to pick up your car, and come out with another client
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october 2018 by danslee
Animales Barbeque Co.
In the words of one of my dining companions: "It's been slow-cooked for a fuckin' year."
barbecue  northeast  food 
october 2018 by emkay
Heritability of life span in the Old Order Amish | Request PDF
Offspring longevity was correlated with longevity of both parents, and in more or less additive fashion.


We estimated heritability of life span to be 25% +/- 5%, suggesting that the additive effects of genes account for one quarter of the total variability in life span in the OOA. We conclude that longevity is moderately heritable in the OOA, that the genetic effects are additive, and that genetic influences on longevity are likely to be expressed across a broad range of ages.
study  biodet  variance-components  genetics  longevity  time  medicine  health  data  usa  northeast 
september 2018 by nhaliday
We're on the verge of a wind revolution » Yale Climate Connections
A revolution driven by the states
Massachusetts began laying the groundwork for an offshore wind industry 10 years ago, while the Cape Wind venture was still playing out. The state even went so far as to sink $113 million into rebuilding the port of New Bedford as a hub for offshore wind construction staging, repair, and related industry.
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august 2018 by wmaceyka

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