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RT : I’m not advising on how to handle this situation but in general White Southern men on the left need to spe…
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RT : Here is my segment on on the history of & contextualizing for the people of…
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RT : URGENT expected, per D source, to demand quit as . Herring, running for governor…
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RT : Did anyone else notice that nearly every journalist at the presser conflated anti-Blackness with “racism a…
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- New statement from medical school...
With new high-res scan:
"I can confirm that the picture i…
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With healthcare the issue that helped put & other Democrats over the top last night, it's a good time t…
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.The whole World needed this!
Congratulations , and all successful Democrat…
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Don’t equate the political sins of Gillespie and Northam | The Cavalier Daily
.@cavalierdaily’s editorial board: the @DailyProgress editorial board is “extraordinarily dishonest.” 🙌
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