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5 Favorite North End Restaurants | Boston Dining Guide - New England Today
In Boston’s “Little Italy,” hitting all the best eateries is a tall order. But our favorite North End restaurants list should get you started.
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2 days ago by tranqy
'If it gets me, it gets me': the town where residents live alongside polar bears | World news | The Guardian
"“If you were to build a town today, you would never put it here,” explains Geoff York of Polar Bears International, a research and advocacy organization whose members, understandably, spend much time in Churchill each year. “Polar bears are creatures of the sea ice, and they come ashore in the summer here when the sea ice on Hudson Bay melts and then they wait for the ice to return.” That return tends to begin sometime in November; by October, the bears are already stirring, wandering in anticipation toward the bay along a route that takes them past, and sometimes directly through, Churchill."
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Tales from the far-flung Faroes - BBC News
"It’s winter on the Faroe Islands and an icy wind blows.

Jancy meets the helicopter that brings the island's post wearing a floral headscarf, simple jacket and short wellingtons. She doesn’t wear gloves, despite the freezing wind coming off the ocean.

She says she’s never cold. "
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