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YouTube -- HoneyBadgerRadio: What Duck Sex Tells Us About Crazy Feminist Idealogues | Rantzerker 109
'Join Alison and Karen as we rant at a video piece by Big Think that uses it's clearly too advanced for the average human to comprehend intellect to tell us how duck rape is revealing with regards to incels and feminists. Yep.' -- Karen: "When it comes to narratives that really appeal to guys who are rape-y or otherwise engaged in sexual misconduct...feminism seems to really appeal to them." -- Alison: "He said women have less power over society than a duck has...There's an aspect of women's humanity that he now has rendered invisible, to himself and to anyone who listens to him. And that is her ability to affect men in society. I think these guys have a specific phobia when it comes to recognizing that women have any influence over men, over society, over their own lives. They specifically want to put women in a position of extreme helplessness. Have you ever seen that movie 'Boxing Helena' where the guy cuts off the woman's arms and legs? This is what he's just done, psychologically, to women. And for whatever reason, he's seen as being a champion of women...For whatever reason he's compelled to do it and he will never recognize any evidence to the contrary – and I've talked to people like this – no matter what, they do this. They do it and they will not stop doing it...they hate the sight of women's legs and arms, they just hate it. Something about it just triggers something in them." -- Alison: "NothingAtAll says: 'They're creating a world in which everything is rape to take advantage of women doesn't make sense.' I'm going to tell you how it makes sense: Have you ever seen the scenario of an abuser saying to their abuse victim 'Nobody is ever going to love you the way I love you.' 'There's only monsters outside that door.' 'No one will ever treat you as well as I do.' We can see that. That's immediately recognized as abuse. That's creating a situation where the abuser is creating a world that's against their abuse victim, therefore they have to cling to the abuser as their safe harbor. That's abuse. When these guys say 'Every man is a rapist but me' they're doing the same thing. They say 'The world is out to get you, women. You should feel helpless in the face of the world because you don't have the autonomy of a duck.'" -- The One Good Man
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7 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Methods of Comparison, Compared / Observable
Discover insights faster and communicate more effectively with interactive notebooks for data analysis, visualization, and exploration.
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8 weeks ago by pmigdal
Database Normalization and Table Structures - Microsoft Access / VBA
Database Normalization and Table Structures. Get Microsoft Access / VBA help and support on Bytes.
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12 weeks ago by ritzlea
UAX #15: Unicode Normalization Forms
aracters: Normalization Form C and Normalization Form KC. The difference between these depends on whether the resulting text is to be a canonical equivalent to the original unnormalized text or a compatibility equivalent to the original unnormalized text. (In NFKC and NFKD, a K is used to stand for compatibility to avoid confusion with the C standing for composition.) Bot
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may 2018 by arsshams
CSS Tools: Reset CSS
Seemingly this has been the most highly regarded or popular css normalization around.
Or try
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may 2018 by lost_in_space

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