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[1803.01814] Norm matters: efficient and accurate normalization schemes in deep networks
Over the past few years batch-normalization has been commonly used in deep networks, allowing faster training and high performance for a wide variety of applications. However, the reasons behind its merits remained unanswered, with several shortcomings that hindered its use for certain tasks. In this work we present a novel view on the purpose and function of normalization methods and weight-decay, as tools to decouple weights' norm from the underlying optimized objective. We also improve the use of weight-normalization and show the connection between practices such as normalization, weight decay and learning-rate adjustments. Finally, we suggest several alternatives to the widely used L2 batch-norm, using normalization in L1 and L∞ spaces that can substantially improve numerical stability in low-precision implementations as well as provide computational and memory benefits. We demonstrate that such methods enable the first batch-norm alternative to work for half-precision implementations.
neural-net  normalization 
8 days ago by arsyed
PM: If you're a powerful nation you can occupy and no one will care | The Times of Israel
“Power is the most important thing in foreign policy,” Army Radio quotes Netanyahu as saying.

“‘Occupation'” is nonsense,” he adds, scoffing at international characterization of Israel’s control over the Palestinians.

“There are powerful states that have occupied and transferred populations, and no one talks about them.”

“Strength changes everything and it changes our policy vis-a-vis countries in the Arab world,” he says, suggesting that the more powerful Israel gets, the less the world will care about its treatment of the Palestinians.
Netanyahu  Normalization  occupation  important 
5 weeks ago by elizrael
מעריב | ביחד עם המדינות הסוניות: ישראל משתתפת בכוח משימה בינלאומי נגד דאעש
ישראל ממשיכה להשתתף בכוח משימה בינלאומי מיוחד שפועל בירדן, ואשר חבריו חולקים מידע מודיעיני ומשתפים פעולה בתחום הצבאי - כך דיווח לאחרונה עלון החדשות הצרפתי "אינטליג'נס און ליין". על פי הידיעה מדובר בכוח משימה בהשתתפות נציגים של כוחות מיוחדים ואנשי מודיעין מ־21 מדינות, בהן ירדן, ארה"ב, גרמניה, בריטניה, צרפת, איטליה, ערב הסעודית, איחוד האמירויות, מצרים ועוד. שיתוף הפעולה הבינלאומי מופעל תחת השם GALLANT PHOENIX OPERATION
Israel  ISIS  Jordan  IDF  Normalization  Saudi-Arabia 
7 weeks ago by elizrael
Progressive Labels for Regressive Practices - Alfie Kohn
You see the pattern here. We need to ask what kids are being given to do, and to what end, and within what broader model of learning, and as decided by whom. If we allow ourselves to be distracted from those questions, then even labels with a proud progressive history can be co-opted to the point that they no longer provide reassurance about the practice to which the label refers.
pedagogy  corporatism  normalization  coopting  progressivism  rather-interesting 
8 weeks ago by Vaguery
trinker/textclean: Tools for cleaning and normalizing text data
Neat and feature-packed package for normalizing text data (including removing HTML tags, emoticons etc.)
text-analytics  r  package  text-mining  normalization  data-wrangling 
10 weeks ago by mjlassila

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