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The Suburbs MsImpala67
Dean Winchester has everything he wants. He has a new life in the suburbs, one where he's retired from hunting. He has a house, a new job, a safe world around him where he doesn't question if he'll make it through the day. He has beer in his refrigerator and he never wonders if he's in immediate danger.

And he has Sam. He has Sam in every single way.

But of course, that's not his real life. Sam saves his life and pulls him out of the djinn fantasy apple pie life. And now Dean has to figure out how to go back to being a hunter. A hunter who isn't in love with his brother.

Can Dean do that? Does he want to?

Maybe the apple pie life isn't just a djinn fantasy after all.
Dean  WinchesterSam  Winchester  Additional  Tags:  Djinn  AUPorn  With  PlotPorn  FeelingsPiningAngst  and  Fluff  SmutSwitchingtop!deanTop!SamAnal  SexBlow  JobsRestraintsApple  Pie  Lifedean  sam  deserve  a  normal  life  happy  ending  togetherMiscommunicationWincest  -  FreeformWincest  Big  Bang  2018 
yesterday by shalene72
I love that there is a period at the end of this book title.
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5 weeks ago by miaeaton
Being normal is not a point of differentiation | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
The company was sponsoring a woman’s sports team and announced in bold headlines that they were going to begin supporting this team at the same level they’ve supported the men’s team for years. I told my friend that I didn’t get it.
being  normal  is  not  a  poi 
9 weeks ago by marshallk
[Gen 7] OU replay: kcnightfang vs. Zlrnormal - Pokémon Showdown
Watch a replay of a Pokémon battle between kcnightfang and Zlrnormal ([Gen 7] OU)

Wherein I beat Silk, and there are much haxx.
pokemon  poison  normal  monotype  tournament  battle_me 
april 2019 by kcnightfang
Matcap rendering in libigl mini-example « Alec's Web Log
RT @_AlecJacobson: Wow. Recently discovered how much fun matcaps are. Had to make a little libigl-based demo.
graphics  CG  ComputerGraphics  shader  rendering  3d  normal  trick  hack  cool  simple  FX  programming 
april 2019 by yig
Unity 3D Normal Map Sprites
So a while ago my friend was talking about having highlights on the player for the game InTheShadows. At first I thought it would be too much work, working in Unity 4x, there was no shader available to do this easily. I've never worked on shaders before and didnt know where to begin so I researched online and put together some bits of code to make a single shader that had all the features I needed.
unity  shader  normal  sprite  light  pixel  effect  game 
january 2019 by vancura
Using Sprite Lamp with engines
Sprite Lamp is a tool for making normal maps. Normal maps are a way of encoding the orientation of the surface at every pixel, with something called a surface normal. This is a fairly standard way of doing things, and in general, a modern game engine that makes use of dynamic lighting will usually allow you to use normal maps out of the box, including normal maps created in Sprite Lamp. The fact that Sprite Lamp is usually used to apply normal maps to a sprite doesn’t make any real technical difference – you’re simply applying it to a ‘billboard’ mesh (a rectangle that is positioned to face the camera) rather than a more normal mesh.
unity  shader  normal  sprite  light  pixel  effect 
january 2019 by vancura

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