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RT : AusGov run mental health website plus mandatory data retention and DHS likes to dox critics.
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october 2017 by kcarruthers
Ugly Beliefs, Free Speech, and Libraries | David Lee King
RT : fascist speech is hate speech is not free speech it's violence and undeserving of protection
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august 2017 by anneheathen
The Spectator summer party, in pictures | Coffee House
RT @AndrewBartletta: << newspaper and magazine columns, after which all enjoy each other's company at the Spectator party.


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july 2017 by WarrenPearce
RT : Let's make our sharrows cute & maybe they'll work better
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july 2017 by rtanglao
RT : A primary constraint is "labor inflexibility."
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april 2017 by jbfink

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