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Evolving, Rather than Policing, the Boundary: A case study of the development of the Center for Public Integrity: Digital Journalism: Vol 6, No 6
The ability to build boundaries, known as boundary work, is typically understood as being in the hands of major players, who keep out or begrudgingly admit interlopers. This article, based on a longitudinal case study of metajournalistic discourse around the Center for Public Integrity, one of the oldest and largest news nonprofits in the United States, finds the Center engaging instead in what I have called “boundary evolution,” starting out self-consciously outside of journalism, and gradually working its way in. This insight helps us understand the power that marginal players wield in positioning themselves relative to larger participants. It also points to how players can evolve against the background of a changing ecology; in this case, the Center for Public Integrity came to see a place for itself in journalism only after funding cuts left news organizations hungry for quality, free content, and the digital environment normalized sharing.
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NGOs as Newsmakers | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
Matthew Powers, of the University of Washington, argues that while these efforts have changed and expanded traditional news practices and coverage, NGOs are still dependent upon traditional political and media elites.
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RT : 4 Questions to Answer Before Creating a Content Marketing Strategy -
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Has your outlined innovative plans to use technology to further your mission? Apply for the…
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Work at a ? Doing ?

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Email Marketing Chart: Online fundraising scorec…
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2018 Nonprofit Salary Survey Findings - Top Nonprofits
The 2018 NonProfit Salaries and Staffing Trends Report, just released by PNP Staffing Group, removes some of the guesswork by providing data collected from more than 1,500 nonprofit organizations who participated in the most recent version; including salaries for 44 positions for five different organizational budget sizes.
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Great Hearts - About Us
Connects people to causes and helps them support in various ways
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