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For anyone who wants to go deeper with the math of Dynamics, our free begins on…
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Soliton - Wikipedia
In mathematics and physics, a soliton is a self-reinforcing solitary wave packet that maintains its shape while it propagates at a constant velocity. Solitons are caused by a cancellation of nonlinear and dispersive effects in the medium. (The term "dispersive effects" refers to a property of certain systems where the speed of the waves varies according to frequency.) Solitons are the solutions of a widespread class of weakly nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations describing physical systems.
soliton  physics  nonlinear  science 
october 2018 by mwishek
Introduction to solitons
As you may read in the page about nonlinear science, the concern of nonlinear physics is often the unexpected appearance of chaos or order. Within this framework the soliton plays the role of order.

To explain the nature of solitons, we will consider the behaviour of water waves on shallow water. The scenario could be set e.g. in one of the canals, which was the 19'th century's analogue to nowaday's highways. Indeed, it was in such a location that a soliton was first noticed in 1849 by the Scottish engineer John Scott Russell. Imagine that a wave is somehow initiated in such a canal. One would expect that the wave then rolls along the canal while it spreads out and soon ends it's life as small wiggles on the surface. However, if certain conditions are fulfilled, the unexpected may happen; a soliton can be excited, and the wave will continue to roll along the canal without changing shape.
nonlinear  physics  science  soliton 
october 2018 by mwishek
Bothered by non-monotonicity? Here’s ONE QUICK TRICK to make you happy.
"Here’s another approach: an additive model, of the form g(x) = g1(x) + g2(x), where g1 is strictly increasing and g2 is strictly decreasing. This sort of model gets us away from the restrictions of the quadratic family—it’s trivial for g1 and g2 to have different curvatures—but also it is a conceptual step forward in that it implies two different models, one for the process that causes the increase and one for the process that causes the decrease. This makes senses, in that typically the increasing and decreasing processes are completely different. This is an example of the Pinocchio principle."
statistics  bayes  nonlinear 
september 2018 by aapl
Reading Networks
"Over the years I have often found myself reading two or three books at a time. What I once attributed to a compulsion generated by boredom or attention deficit ended up becoming a habit I consciously stoked … pick up a book about ecology … pick up another journal on planetary exploration … rinse and repeat. It’s incredibly rare for me to not pick up other books while reading any one thing.

The headspace I find myself often as I read is that of connecting, relating. I generally read to learn and learn to do — consuming texts is often a very intentional process that leads to the solving of a problem I have in work or life. Over the years I’ve become aware that for me, reading and otherwise consuming texts has been a method of generating intentional relationships with the greater world, and specifically reading two books alongside one another is a method I’ve practiced to better generate links of information within my own mind.

I have come to internally refer to this method of personal reference-building as “Book Networking”, or “Reading Networks”. While texts often build and maintain an internal and pre-set collection of references in the form of footnotes, or prior foundational texts, or subtle cultural “calls” to “events or people or tropes of the time and place the text was written”, it’s a far more personal practice to form one’s own links in an inter-textual manner.

I’m currently dedicating a large amount of space in my mind to the idea of cultivating concurrent groupings of people to learn amongst one another, from one another. What does it mean to formulate connective tissues amongst people’s learning-desires? I ask myself this question every day.

Here’s something related:

Gardening techniques

Learning and memory are by default automatic processes; their efficacy is proportional to the relevance that the thing to be learned has to your life (frequency, neurons firing together, synaptic pruning, interconnections, etc.). You could say that this relevance acts as filter for incoming information.

There are reasons why you might want to sneak information past this filter (“artificial learning”):

To learn abstract knowledge that is far removed from daily life (e.g. math). This is done using analogies, mnemonics, examples, anthropomorphism, etc.

To interfere with the process of “natural learning” with the goal of improving learning mechanisms, for example when learning a skill like playing the piano. This is done using deliberate practice, analysis, etc.

See these methods as gardening techniques. We either let the garden of the mind grow naturally or we sculpt it deliberately.

I’d like to think that building your own reading networks can foster a method of building personal abstractions, of building personal relevancy to any given topic, of improving deliberately the methods by which you consume others’ ideas and structures.

Here are a few reading networks I’ve been building during the time of this posting:

Designing Design and Architecture Words 2: Anti-Object

Donald Judd Writings and Thinking, Fast and Slow

Permutation City and The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty

The Death and Life of Great American Cities and Extrastatecraft and The Utopia of Rules

I cultivate and prune these networks here:"
édouardurcades  reading  howweread  learning  nonlinear  networks  gardening  memory  howwelearn  unschooling  deschooling 
august 2018 by robertogreco
Rebecca Solnit: By the Book - The New York Times
"Though I should say that I’m often not a reader of books from one end to the other but a rover, as a result of more than half a lifetime of doing research in books, where you’re there not just for the pleasure (though there is often considerable pleasure) but to find out some particular thing. Also I get interrupted a lot, and misplace books in this house of books, and so one way or another I’m usually reading about a dozen books at a time."
howweread  rebeccasolnit  2018  nonlinear  reading  books  cv  grazing  roving  alinear  linearity 
august 2018 by robertogreco
DaVinci Resolve 15 | Blackmagic Design
Revolutionary new tools for editing, color correction and professional audio post production, all in a single application!
video  editor  osx  linux  software  tools  nonlinear  post.production  video.production 
june 2018 by po

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