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"It is written in the stars... - Fanfiction Master Post
Once upon a time, there was a genetic shift that caused unusual effects in the human population. But much of the world wasn't ready for this, and through a forced drug regime, the x-gene (as it was called) was made inactive. But when a boy is born under tragic circumstances onboard a shuttle being bombarded by radiation and energy from an unknown singularity, things might just be changing again. (Pike adopts Kirk when he is 11. Kirk has wings. Awesome series. 50,000+ words and four stories so far. Definitely one to watch.)
fic  gen  Star_Trek  non-human!Kirk  wing!fic  Kirk-with-powers  adoption  father!Pike  AU  hurt!Kirk  angst  family/friendship  drama  WIP  PG-13  long  series 
november 2009 by brightnail
Engaging Times
Fifth in the Faery series. A missing scene from the movie, preceded by a slightly embellished existing scene.
fic  slash  Star_Trek  Kirk/McCoy  bottom!Kirk  non-human!Kirk  romance  fluff  complete  PG-13  series  short 
september 2009 by brightnail
Not So Happily Ever After
Fourth in the Faery series. Jim discovers something about being a faery in a very tragic way. (Spoiler: mpreg miscarriage)
fic  slash  Star_Trek  Kirk/McCoy  bottom!Kirk  mpreg  non-human!Kirk  Kirk-with-powers  hurt!Kirk  protective!McCoy  hurt/comfort  angst  short  series  complete  PG-13 
august 2009 by brightnail
The Many Powers of Jim Kirk
Third in the Faery series. Jim discovers a few of his powers and sometimes, he'd just rather not have them.
fic  slash  Star_Trek  Kirk/McCoy  bottom!Kirk  protective!McCoy  non-human!Kirk  Kirk-with-powers  series  PG-13  short 
august 2009 by brightnail
Once Upon A First Time
Sequel to A Faery Tale. The morning after, Bones finds out just how important the previous night was to Jim.
fic  slash  Star_Trek  Kirk/McCoy  bottom!Kirk  first-time/get-together  virgin!Kirk  non-human!Kirk  mating  crack  romance  complete  R  short 
august 2009 by brightnail
A Faery Tale
Kirk/McCoy. Crackish. Kirk is dying without Bones. "His mother was a faery. No, not the cute little tiny people that flew around in those old Disney holovids and made people fly."
fic  slash  Star_Trek  Kirk/McCoy  bottom!Kirk  Kirk/OMC  attempted_non-con  hurt!Kirk  protective!McCoy  non-human!Kirk  virgin!Kirk  mating  romance  crack  angst  first-time/get-together  complete  short  R 
august 2009 by brightnail

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