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Emelan: Master and Student by minuiko
Summary: The circle and their teachers.
Reccer's Notes: The cuteness! minuiko has several adorable Circle of Magic drawings, but something about this one really makes me happy. I don't have a fixed idea about what these characters look like but the expressions really look like them.
reccer:meretricula  creator:minuiko  fandom:emelan.series  non-fic.recs:fanart  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  theme:gen  theme:families.of.choice  theme:family  theme:book.fandoms  theme:small.fandoms 
18 days ago by fancake
Star Trek AOS: Affogato, by reapersun {fancomic}
Summary: Kirk and Spock (and the rest of the gang) work in a coffee shop.
Reccer's Notes: This is the ultimate in alternative professions because Spock's human in this one. Also, a barista. I love reapersun's art, and this flirty, brassy Jim Kirk is so pretty with his big, blue eyes and tight shirts. Reading this on Pillowfort is a bit of a pain because you have to click through to see each page, but it's worth it to see Jim flirting with everyone in sight and nearly making Spock explode with jealousy.

This is part of a larger crossover series with characters from Harry Potter, Hannibal, and Sherlock, so if you like this, or those, check out the rest of the series. It starts with Macchiato [link:], which is Hannigram, or you can just find the pairing you're interested in on the artist's comics masterlist [link:].
fandom:star.trek.reboot  theme:alternative.professions  non-fic.recs:fanart  non-fic.recs:fancomics/doujinshi  theme:au  reccer:runpunkrun  creator:reapersun  pairing:james.t.kirk/spock 
july 2019 by fancake
Penguins of Madagascar: +POM+ Daddy Commander by Leo Katana
Summary: In a reversal of the episode "Rock A Bye Birdie," it's not Skipper who gets de-aged, but Rico, Private and Kowalski.
Reccer's Notes: The talent of Leo Katana graces this fandom with fully realized images created with flair and a full palette of lovely colors. Every time I visit her gallery, the POM folder gets my attention with fanart with moods from sexy to angsty to sunny. I adore her work.
fandom:penguins.of.madagascar  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:skipper.(madagascar)  character:kowalski.(madagascar)  character:private.(madagascar)  character:rico.(madagascar)  non-fic.recs:fanart  theme:amnesty  theme:families.of.choice  creator:leo_katana  reccer:pronker 
december 2018 by fancake
Star Trek: Cadets AU by moosoppart
Summary: In an alternate universe where Data, Lore, B-4 and Geordi are all at Starfleet Academy, Data is going to need a firmer grasp of human social interaction to figure things out with Geordi (without at least one of his brothers ruining everything).
Reccer's Notes: I love literally all of this artist's Data/Geordi art, but this series of mini-comics is SO CUTE. Scroll all the way to the end of the second page and read your way up! (You're going to get a bonus Tasha/Troi doodle when you're done, enjoy.)  pairing:data/geordi.laforge  non-fic.recs:fanart  non-fic.recs:fancomics/doujinshi  creator:moosoppart  theme:robots.androids&ai  theme:au  theme:family  theme:humor  theme:interspecies.pairings  theme:interspecies.stories  reccer:meretricula 
march 2018 by fancake
Les misérables: The Tale of Hundred-Faced Jean & the Brass-Hearted Inspector by drcalvin
Summary: Come, dear reader, and follow us to the world of clockwork and dark secrets; where men of brass walk alongside men of flesh, and none but God knows which heart is filled with true humanity.
In this particular tale our hero arrives in Montreuil-sous-Mer, becomes the Grand Ingeniare, and earns the love of all men and women – with the exception of one cold-eyed Inspector.
Reccer's Notes: A delightful steampunk AU with a great narration voice and mood. I first found it through a glorious animated fanart... so this rec goes for both!
fandom:les.miserables  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:javert  character:jean.valjean  character:fantine  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:drcalvin  theme:robots.androids&ai  theme:au  reccer:jainas  non-fic.recs:fanart 
march 2018 by fancake
American gods: The City of Towers, by irisbleufic, illustrated by LinnPuzzle
Summary: Wherein there are wishes, waits, and journeys.
Whatever happened to Salim and the Ifrit, after.
Reccer's Notes: American Gods was published in 2001 and Salim is a muslim man in New York... The way Irisbleufic write 9/11 is quiet and deep, much like the rest of the fic. l like how she write New York, and Oman, and how the pairing is not the main subject of the fic -only it is, as a driving tension in the background...
The City Of Towers is a beautiful fic enhanced with beautiful art, with a strong mood and very worth the read. I first read it many years ago, barely remembering Salim and the Ifrit's chapter in the book, but it didn't stop me from enjoying this story very much and I have revisited it a few time since, always with pleasure.
fandom:american.gods  pairing:salim/the.ifrit  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:irisbleufic  creator:linnpuzzle  non-fic.recs:fanart  theme:amnesty  theme:book.fandoms  theme:canon.lgbtq.characters  theme:characters.of.color  theme:rare.pairings  theme:pining  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:genie/djinn  reccer:jainas 
august 2017 by fancake
Marvel Comics (Runaways): Karolina Colors by cakes
Summary: Karolina Dean in a starry night sky.
Reccer's Notes: Very pretty! I love how the usual light effects for Karolina are blended into the background design.
fandom:marvel.comics  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:karolina.dean  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:cakes  theme:canon.lgbtq.characters  theme:female.characters  reccer:dirty_diana 
november 2016 by fancake
DC on CW (Supergirl): untitled Sanvers by tututmo
Summary: Alex Danvers kissing Maggie Sawyer in ballpoint pen.
Reccer's Notes: I love this artist's skill with a notebook and pen, and the emotion in the piece.
fandom:supergirl  pairing:alex.danvers/maggie.sawyer  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:tututmo  theme:canon.lgbtq.characters  theme:characters.of.color  theme:femslash  reccer:dirty_diana 
november 2016 by fancake
Shades of Magic: Untitled Rhy/Alucard by vrazdova
Summary: I know I promised gaudy coats for the next round of Shades of Magic art… I lied. Please accept Rhy in a bedsheet chiton (or something like it) instead. Alucard’s into it, anyway.
Reccer's Notes: Very pretty digital art of Rhy and Alucard embracing. It's nice to imagine they might get a happy ending, and I love the artist's ideas for Red London boudoir fashion.
fandom:shades.of.magic.series  pairing:alucard.emery/rhy.maresh  non-fic.recs:fanart  theme:canon.lgbtq.characters  theme:book.fandoms  creator:vrazdova  reccer:dirty_diana 
november 2016 by fancake
Star Wars Legends: Mara Jade Skywalker by wraithdt
Summary: Here's a rare fan art piece I did of Mrs Skywalker. She's one of the coolest female leads in the Star Wars mythos...
Reccer's Notes: A lovely digital painting of Mara Jade.
fandom:star.wars.legends  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:mara.jade.skywalker  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:wraithdt  theme:book.fandoms  theme:female.characters  reccer:dirty_diana 
july 2016 by fancake
Marvel Comics (X-Men): Storm by Razzhah
Summary: punk Storm with her hands in her pockets
Reccer's Notes: Rahzzah's strong superhero portraits with realistic details make them a favourite of DeviantArt. Here Punk Storm is blended with another version that I personally love, Natural Hair Storm.
fandom:marvel.comics  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:storm.(ororo.munroe)  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:rahzzah  theme:old.fandoms  theme:female.characters  theme:characters.of.color  reccer:dirty_diana 
february 2016 by fancake
Marvel Comics (X-Men): I am the gathering tempest by Jen Bartel
Summary: punk Storm wearing spiked clothing on a background of lightning.
Reccer's Notes: A Mohawk-wearing Storm made her first appearance in Uncanny X-Men in 1983, and fanartists have loved this punk incarnation ever since. I love the challenge and strength infused in every detail of this portrait.
fandom:marvel.comics  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:storm.(ororo.munroe)  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:jenbartel  theme:old.fandoms  theme:female.characters  theme:characters.of.color  reccer:dirty_diana 
february 2016 by fancake
Sherlock Holmes (ACD): domestic Holmes/Watson by hellmandraws
Summary: fanart of Holmes and Watson reading and cuddling on the couch.
Reccer's Notes: Though not going back quite as far as the legends of Hugo or Austen, Arthur Conan Doyle fandom is certainly up there as one of the oldest modern-style canons around. The current online incarnation loves fluffy fanart about old men cuddling and being domestic, and this is an adorably excellent example.
fandom:sherlock.holmes.(movie/book)  pairing:john.watson/sherlock.holmes  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:hellmandraws  theme:old.fandoms  theme:established.relationship  reccer:dirty_diana 
january 2016 by fancake
Star Trek TOS: Ladies of Kirk by Kelley McMorris
Summary: An artist illustrates all of Kirk's love interests from the original Star Trek.
Reccer's Notes: I love this quirky idea and the execution is fabulous. Kirk flirts with a wide variety of women during his time on the Enterprise. Human or not, outrageous or shy, these 19 portraits turn each into a fully-fledged character in adorable, colourful style.

PS. Unfortunately the artist recieved a cease and desist, so there are no more pieces for sale.
fandom:star.trek:the.original.series  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:james.t.kirk  character:nyota.uhura  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:kelley_mcmorris  theme:old.fandoms  theme:female.characters  reccer:dirty_diana 
january 2016 by fancake
Xena Warrior Princess: untitled Xena/Gabrielle by sutexii
Summary: cute fanart of Xena and Gabrielle smiling at each other with hearts above their heads.
Reccer's Notes: Tumblr has its flaws, but one of the fun things about it is that no fandom is ever truly dead. Here is some fun fanart, done by an artist who just started watching and is enjoying the classic fandom gayness.
fandom:xena:warrior.princess  pairing:gabrielle/xena  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:sutexii  theme:old.fandoms  theme:female.characters  theme:female.friendship  theme:femslash  reccer:dirty_diana 
january 2016 by fancake
Marvel Comics: Hawkeye cutout by docgold13
Summary: cut-out of ‘Aja-style’ Hawkguy showing us how to say “bro” in sign language.
Reccer's Notes: Not only does the artist successfully mimic Aja's canon style, they've done so in a completely different medium. Cute and effective homage to Hawkeye volume 4 issue 19, told entirely in sign language.
fandom:marvel.comics  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:clint.barton.(hawkeye)  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:docgold13  theme:disability  reccer:dirty_diana 
november 2015 by fancake
Marvel Comics: Hawkeye and Daredevil fistbump by jedivikingart
Summary: Hawkeye and Daredevil fistbump, their comics titles above their heads and their names spelled out in American Sign Language and Braille, respectively.
Reccer's Notes: Comics fandom loves a good team-up concept, and the execution here is original and adorable.
fandom:marvel.comics  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:clint.barton.(hawkeye)  character:matt.murdock  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:jedivikingart  theme:disability  reccer:dirty_diana 
november 2015 by fancake

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