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Speranza - Coming and Going
The one where Steve has a really good answer for Bucky's question about if he's the same. They get high together in a hotel room and Bucky isn't ready to come in.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  AO3  Steve/Bucky  Avengers  complete  Post-CA:WS 
february 2019 by dhrachth
AggressiveWhenStartled - Closed Book
Probably my favorite Stucky fic. Bucky gets amnesia again but in a funny way. Starts with the waking up and hitting on the person you're already with set up.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Steve/Bucky  Avengers  AO3  complete  Tony  Amnesia 
february 2019 by dhrachth
magdaliny - a thing that wants
Natasha wants a girlfriend and Bucky is a terrible matchmaker.
fic  AO3  complete  Avengers  Other-Slash  Non-Crossover  all 
december 2018 by dhrachth
sassbandit - We're Different Now
The serum gives Steve tentacles, but they only come out for Bucky.
fic  all  AO3  Non-Crossover  Avengers  complete  Steve/Bucky  tentacles  Change!fic  WW2 
may 2018 by dhrachth
thedevilchicken - Church of the Old God
Steve & Bucky have sex with a tentacle monster to heal each other.
tentacles  Steve/Bucky  Avengers  AO3  Porn  fic  complete  Non-Crossover  all  Post-CA:WS 
may 2018 by dhrachth
alby_mangroves, Nonymos - Summer Don't Own Me No More
Steve meets Bucky when he busts him for prostitution. Cyberpunk AU with solar power.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Avengers  Steve/Bucky  AO3  complete  AU 
march 2018 by dhrachth
WriteThroughTheNight - Two People Make Better Explosions
Clint blows up Hydra bases with Bucky without putting two and two together and realizing who 'James' really is. Mostly gen.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Avengers  Steve/Bucky  AO3  complete  POV  Clint  Post-CA:WS 
march 2018 by dhrachth
galwednesday - Bait and Switch
Winter Soldier!Bucky is dating Modern!Tiny!Steve. Sam & Tony find out and they have tacos.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Avengers  Steve/Bucky  AO3  complete  POV  AU  tiny!Steve  modern 
february 2018 by dhrachth
L1av, relenafanel - A Love I Never Had
Steve & Sam are cops. Bucky is an ME/Dr. Frankenstein who brings Steve back from the dead. Not enough substance.
fic  AO3  complete  Steve/Bucky  Avengers  Non-Crossover  all  AU  LEOs 
january 2018 by dhrachth
itsnotbleak - No Retreat, Baby, No Surrender
Bucky is working at Subway and pretending not to know Steve. He escaped the Russians after the fall of the Soviet Union.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Avengers  Steve/Bucky  complete  AO3  AU 
january 2018 by dhrachth
SD_Ryan - After You've Gone
Skinny!Steve gets swapped with Serum!Steve and Bucky realizes he's been an ass.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Avengers  Steve/Bucky  AO3  complete  Time_Travel 
january 2018 by dhrachth
onethingconstant - A Public Service
Steve makes educational videos as community service for beating up a bar. Natasha realizes he needs some looking after.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Avengers  gen  AO3  complete 
january 2018 by dhrachth
This Girl Is (non_sequential) - With My Own Blood in My Mouth
Bucky tells Steve he's alive because he knows how he'd feel if their positions were reversed and Steve didn't come to him.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Avengers  Steve/Bucky  AO3  complete  Bucky_finds_Steve 
january 2018 by dhrachth
SleepsWithCoyotes - And the Autumn Moon is Bright
Steve and Bucky are hiding their serum induced lycanthropy from each other. The Commandos think they're poorly hiding their relationship.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Avengers  AO3  complete  Steve/Bucky  WW2  POV  Change!fic 
january 2018 by dhrachth
charmingcontender - Arsonist's Lullably
The Winter Soldier is detained and put on trial. Steve takes him out of the court room. Bucky is his and he's not letting anyone take him away again.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Steve/Bucky  AO3  Avengers  complete 
january 2018 by dhrachth
dirtybinary - The Silver Answer
Steve, Bucky, & Peggy are part of the Ghost Army, fighting Nazis with art hoaxes.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Avengers  Steve/Bucky  AO3  complete  no-powers  AU 
january 2018 by dhrachth
newsbypostcard - winter wheat, sunflower peat
'Grant' picks up a hitchhiker named 'Bugs.' There's a farm and amnesia. AU where Steve doesn't join up with SHIELD.
fic  all  Non-Crossover  Steve/Bucky  AO3  complete  Avengers  AU  FU_Shield  Domestic 
january 2018 by dhrachth

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