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11 days ago by reorx
Cluster Schedulers – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
@copyconstruct those ops folks will have to much of the same work to implement safe rollout and reliable software that k8s provides 4 free
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11 days ago by pinterb
Cluster Schedulers – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
1. the purpose of schedulers the way they were originally envisaged and developed at Google
2. how well (or not) they translate to solve the problems of the rest of us
3. why they come in handy even…
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12 days ago by vonc
Auto-bootstrapping a Nomad Cluster
This post looks at HashiCorp Nomad's auto-joining functionality and how we can use Terraform to create an autoscaled cluster.
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15 days ago by acisternino
Nomadic Dating and Long-Term Relationships (Ch. 9) « How to Live Nowhere
[[When dating, nomads enjoy a number of advantages:

* If dating is a numbers game, then nomads have an edge. While everyone else is limiting themselves to meeting the fish in their local pond, we nomads are hopping between different ponds

* You have a better story to tell. An interesting life story is an extremely attractive thing. Your decision to lead a life of permanent travel can communicate a story of courage, ambition, adventure, and willingness to flout convention. That’s sexy.

* You have a better chance of meeting a fellow traveler. If travel and exploration are some of your primary values, then the right person for you will probably hold them too. Many people say they want to live a life of travel but never take real, committed actions toward that end. By *actually* traveling, you give yourself the best chance to meet others who are living out their values as you are.

* You’re less likely to tie yourself up in a relationship of convenience. Perhaps the greatest advantage of nomadism is how antiseptic it is to low-quality relationships that we enter into for the sake of comfort and convenience. It’s not that nomads aren’t susceptible to such casual relationships; it’s that the relationship is doomed to end as soon as the nomad moves on to their next location.

* The struggle makes you stronger. There’s a good chance that you simply won’t date much as a nomad, because most other people want someone who is physically present in their same location for 12 months of the year. Look at this way: a life of permanent travel gives you extensive practice in finding peace with being single. And when you lead a life of fulfilled singleness, ironically, you become even more date-able.]]

If you want to be a nomad in a long-term relationship, you pretty much have to meet another nomad. Otherwise, you have to do long-distance most of the time, become poly/casual, or stop being a nomad.
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18 days ago by dandv

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