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I upvoted 1.0 on Product Hunt: A website that plans multi-destination trips in a few clicks
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2 days ago by guygilbert
Docker is the dangerous gamble which we will regret | Smash Company
The guiding rule should be “What is the simplest way to do what we need to do?” If the older technology gets the job done, and is the simpler approach, then it should be preferred. But if there is a new technology that allows us to simplify our systems, then we should use the new technology.

chmike wrote:

Containers are not only a solution for dependencies. It’s also protection boundary.

neilwilson replied:

It’s just a process with a fancy chroot. Don’t believe all the docker hype. ...
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13 days ago by hellsten
Checklist: How to Become a Digital Nomad, Step by Step
In spite of the volume of posts written about how to become a digital nomad in 2019, I find them relatively thin; this is my take on how to become a nomad.
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16 days ago by zacharydenton
VirtualPostMail – Virtual Mailbox - Online Mailbox - Digital Mailbox
VirtualPostMail is a virtual mailbox service. Have US postal mail scanned so you can read it online. Anytime. Anywhere. Get a permanent street address for you or your business and for travel. VirtualPostMail offers mail and package forwarding, check depositing, registered agent services, and more.
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19 days ago by ldom
seatgeek/nomad-helper: Useful tools for working with @hashicorp Nomad at scale
Useful tools for working with @hashicorp Nomad at scale - seatgeek/nomad-helper
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20 days ago by geetarista
seatgeek/nomad-firehose: Firehose all nomad job, allocation, nodes and evaluations changes to rabbitmq, kinesis or stdout
Firehose all nomad job, allocation, nodes and evaluations changes to rabbitmq, kinesis or stdout - seatgeek/nomad-firehose
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20 days ago by geetarista
Tulsa Remote
I upvoted Tulsa Remote on Product Hunt: Get $10K, a housing stipend & co-working to work from Tulsa at November 19, 2018 at 01:57PM
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21 days ago by iamthefury
Nomad List - Best Cities to Live and Work Remotely for Digital Nomads
The best cities to live and work remotely for Digital Nomads, based on cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics. For startups that work remotely and digital nomads.
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4 weeks ago by xhinking

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