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Trail Wallet
Travel budget app and expense tracker
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2 days ago by cd
The Earth Awaits
Find cities to live in that are within your budget
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2 days ago by cd
Jesse Hanley
Nomadic digital marketer and SEO
seo  nomad  marketer  personal-website  person 
7 days ago by cd
Digital Nomad Backing List
List of gear compiled by Nomad List
digital-nomad  nomad  gear  travel 
8 days ago by cd
Recommendations for the best travel products, apps and gear
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13 days ago by cd
What Mongolian Nomads Teach Us About the Digital Future | WIRED
“There is a lesson here about our collective digital future. Obviously we aren’t headed to a time when we sleep on the floor of a tent under hand-wrung felt blankets (except at Burning Man), but we are headed to a future where we may own and carry less while depending on the environment to provide more.

I think we’ll cruise through the future with empty pockets. I won’t need to carry my phone because I should be able to lift up any screen anywhere and have it immediately became my tool, my screen. It recognizes me from my face, voice, heartbeat, and transforms itself into my phone interface. When I am done, I leave that screen where it was. To read a book I pick up any screen. To travel, I pick any car. To use a power tool, I summon it online and it’s in my hand within 30 minutes. And when I travel, why should I drag clothes around? In a nomadix future, the hotel or Airbnb will provide my favorite clothes when I arrive and recycle them when I depart. The environment, if it is rich and well-cared for and understood, shall provide.”
trends  kevinkelly  nomad  service  future  ownership 
15 days ago by colm.mcmullan

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