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Musings on Mobile Software, Nokia's Downward Spiral
A few weeks after the fateful Feb ‘11 announcements I wrote about “What Happened to Nokia”, it got picked up by some fairly big tech news sites and 10s of thousands of people read (or at least visited, it was a pretty long blog) what I had to say.

Now that the Windows Phone strategy is not working out as well as planned and yet more cuts have killed off Nokia’s next generation platform for the low end (codenamed Meltemi, think bada competitor but much better), I’m writing some final thoughts on the topic and then moving on.  I say final because I really don’t expect Nokia to be very relevant for a whole lot longer, certainly not returning to their former glory.  The data collected by Asymco is pretty compelling in this instance.

Tomi Ahonen has recently posted an incredibly long public assault on Stephen Elop’s management.  I think he goes too far in blaming Elop for everything, Nokia was in a pretty bad shape before he arrived.  However, he has made a bad situation much worse and I think the conclusion is essentially correct, Elop and most of the board need sacking for almost completely destroying the company.
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3 days ago by DirkSonguer
The Nokia 5.1 may be coming to the US soon - The Verge
The Federal Communications Commission recently approved the Nokia 5.1, a mid-range phone that’s a refreshed version of the Nokia 5. The FCC approval indicates that the phone will launch soon in the US, as spotted by Android Police.
13 days ago by tonys

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