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​Nokia looks at options for its smartwatches and digital health business | ZDNet
Smartwatches and digital health devices business in the spotlight.
2 days ago by tonys
Nokia might give up on wearables (updated) • Engadget
Rachel England:
<p>Less than two years after spending millions repositioning itself in the consumer health market, Nokia has announced a strategic review of its digital health business which comes after news that the company could shed up to 425 jobs in its home country of Finland. Nokia acquired French fitness tracker manufacturer Withings for $191m in 2016 as part of its new digital health strategy WellCare, which is not dissimilar to Apple's HealthKit. The deal came amid a spate of acquisitions by Nokia, buoyed by investment from Microsoft following their Windows Phone agreement.

But despite the company's confident move into the health market, it wrote down $175m of goodwill on the business in the third quarter of 2017, which essentially means Withings' net assets weren't as valuable as Nokia initially thought. Nokia has tried to replicate Withings' previous accomplishments, but what works for a small French startup has clearly not worked for a conglomerate with expectations of huge success. And, there's less demand for wearables now than when they first landed - by the time Nokia got involved, Apple already had a firm hold on the market.</p>

Not necessarily withdrawal, but looks a lot like it.
Nokia  wearables 
7 days ago by charlesarthur
Nokia sells 4.4m smartphones in Q4 2017, surpassing OnePlus, Google and others • Tech Radar
Sudhanshu Singh:
<p>The 4.4 million figure puts Nokia at the 11th position in the list of companies with highest market share. This also means that Nokia sold more phones in the last quarter than a lot of other popular brands. Some of the companies that sold lesser smartphones that Nokia are: Google, HTC, Sony, Alcatel, Lenovo, OnePlus, Gionee, Meizu, Coolpad and Asus.</p>

Amazing. And it sold 20.7m featurephones (over 2017, one assumes.) In total sales - smartphone plus featurephone - it was in 6th spot, with 5% market share. The power of a brand.

The Google Pixel sold 3.9m, since you ask.
smartphone  Nokia 
9 days ago by charlesarthur
Operation Elop
The final years of Nokia’s mobile phone
stephenelop  nokia  finland 
11 days ago by iankennedy
The English language translation of Operation Elop is finally done! The contemporary account of the fall of
Nokia  from twitter_favs
11 days ago by samin
Scoop: Trump team considers nationalizing 5G network - Axios
Deeply odd. Part "afternet", part "Firstnet", part something else. Is the Nokia slide a clue?
wireless  nokia  5g  trump  ovum 
25 days ago by yorksranter

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