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Open source and proprietary software – friends not foes | Nokia Blog
There’s a lot going for open source. It speeds up software development, lowers vendor lock in and can be extended freely to cover new use cases. Oh, it’s also a lot of fun to develop new functionalities in open source
3 days ago by tonys
Inside the 5G factory: How Nokia's research aids its own production | TechRadar
Nokia uses its own factory as a showcase for the effectiveness of connected technology
14 days ago by tonys
Leaked image teases Nokia phone with five cameras - The Verge
Nokia used to manufacture PureView camera phones, and now HMD appears to be working on a Nokia-branded handset with five cameras
14 days ago by tonys
Nokia warns that Trump’s China tariffs could impede U.S. 5G rollouts | FierceWireless
Nokia filed a warning with the FCC that President Trump's moves to levy tariffs on a wide variety of components from China could impede operators’ rollout of 5G network technology in the United States.

“Of particular concern to Nokia are the recent tariffs imposed on trade with China, which specifically target a wide range of components that are critical to 5G,” Nokia wrote in a recent filing to the FCC.
FierceWireless  Nokia  FCC  5G  China  trade  tariffs 
21 days ago by pierredv
Updated: Nokia says it is owed up to $3.50 for every 5G smartphone | FierceWireless
Nokia announced its patent-licensing rate for 5G smartphones, pegging the value of its 5G patents at up to $3.50 per smartphone. That is noteworthy considering that rate appears to be less than what Qualcomm and Ericsson are charging for their own 5G patents
nokia  5g  ipr  ovum 
4 weeks ago by yorksranter
Nokia 3.1 review: In a league of its own
The Nokia 3.1 is one of HMD Global's newest budget phones, positioned between the Android Go-equipped Nokia 2.1 and the mid-range Nokia 5.1. The phone was... by Corbin Davenport in News, Nokia, Nokia 3.1, Phone Reviews, Reviews
8 weeks ago by tonys
Review: Nokia 8 Sirocco | Nokiamob
Nokia 8 Sirocco is definitely one of those phones that will make many heads turn around. Nokia Mobile, or should I say HMD Global, showed us that smartphones don't always need to be designed to accommodate the latest hardware trend, but can also be beautiful and powerful in the same time. Here are the basic specifications of the phone. The more detailed info you can find on official Nokia pages.
8 weeks ago by tonys

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