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Portable cathedrals - Domus
On the design of the ill-fated N9 and Meego, before becoming a Windows phone
nokia  design  2011  ux  cellphone  pmz 
6 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Nokia sees tough times in Networks market - Mobile World Live
Well and truly at the pit of the investment cycle. That said, this is interesting: "“I have noted in previous quarters that the R&D team in this business group has faced an extraordinarily high workload. Given this situation, we have seen some issues with the time taken to converge some products that have, unfortunately, impacted a small number of customers,” Suri said." // i.e. they've sold something that doesn't bloody well work
nokia  ovum 
6 weeks ago by yorksranter
Nokia 3310 3G review: better left in the past
"Like living in a localised time distortion field" - review of retro 3310 phone.
Nokia  from twitter_favs
7 weeks ago by ilicco
Nokia 8: HMD Global Brings Three World-Firsts in One Flagship Device
HMD Global, a Finnish company founded to reinvigorate Nokia with a new generation of devices, recently announced the Nokia 8 – a high performance, beautifully crafted smartphone designed from the ground up for users who enjoy creating and uploading content online. At just 4.6mm at the edge and 7.3mm thick on average, the first Nokia...

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Nokia  8:  HMD  Global  Brings  Three  World-Firsts  in  One  Flagship  Device 
8 weeks ago by vrzone
Nokia plans to cut up to 310 jobs, halt VR camera development • Reuters
Jussi Rosendahl:
<p>Nokia plans to reduce up to 310 jobs from its Nokia Technologies unit and halt development of its virtual reality camera “OZO” and hardware, the Finnish company said on Tuesday.

The unit has about 1,090 employees and the potential cuts are expected to affect staff in Finland, the United States and Britain. Nokia employed about 102,000 employees as of end-June.

The unit will continue to focus on digital health and patent and brand licensing business, Nokia said.

“The slower-than-expected development of the VR market means that Nokia Technologies plans to reduce investments and focus more on technology licensing opportunities,” it said in a statement.</p>

In other news, IDC <a href="">says</a> the company sold a grand total of 1.5m Nokia-branded phones in the first half of 2017. Its <a href="">new focus</a>: "digital health" following its acquisition of Withings. Wish them luck.
9 weeks ago by charlesarthur
The Classic Nokia 3310 goes 3G!
We cheered for joy earlier this year at MWC 2017 when Finnish company HMD Global announced they had licensed the Nokia mobilephone brand and were set to roll out a series of Android smartphones and basic mobiles. To add to the Nokia nostalgia, HMD Global announced the return of the classic Nokia 3310 handset, one...

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The  Classic  Nokia  3310  goes  3G! 
10 weeks ago by vrzone

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