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"Industry needs both public and private networks," says Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom is offering Nokia’s network-in-a-box private LTE solution for the dedicated network layer. “The rest of the traffic which does not require that the data stays on site, and is not sensitive, can go over the public network.”
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9 days ago by yorksranter
FedEx seeks extension to CBRS study using Nokia hardware | FierceWireless
FedEx said the use case is for aircraft maintenance technicians using tablets equipped with CBRS modems while working on FedEx aircraft to connect to antennas mounted on existing poles // back in 2016 one of them told me this
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11 days ago by yorksranter
"Nokia android handsets were discovered to have a backdoor that sent a variety of data to a network server located in the network of China Telecom..."
"Nokia android handsets were discovered to have a backdoor that sent a variety of data to a network server located in the network of China Telecom. Nokia had deliberately built this code into devices sold into China, but then accidentally installed it onto all its other devices."
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14 days ago by shadowspar
То, чего еще никто не писал про Нокиа, Элопа и горящую платформу / Хабр
Взявшись за этот пост, автор полностью отдает себе отчет. И в том что «набило оскомину». И что «только ленивый не кинул камень». И про то что «хватит уже, достали». Однако, вдоволь начитавшись...
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4 weeks ago by akozlovsky
Private networks and public slices will combine in hybrid industrial 5G, says Nokia
How many private LTE networks has it deployed for industry so far, roughly? “The pipeline is significant,” he says. What about deployments? Ten, 50, 100? “It is not 10, and it is not 50.”
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5 weeks ago by yorksranter
Industrial companies are building private networks because they have to, says Nokia
“They want low latencies because OT protocols are demanding in terms of feedback, and they want high fidelity positioning because machinery and assets get moved around,” explains Kitts.

“LTE delivers these things – alongside high resiliency and availability, and benefits from being untethered.”
But while the door is slamming open for some, it is out of reach for others. The biggest operators are in a position to push through it, he suggests, and mix advanced LTE with industrial control.

“Normally the number one and two operators in a country have the capability in terms of system integration and enterprise know-how.”
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5 weeks ago by yorksranter
MWC 2019: folding wrist phones, 5G and quintuple cameras – 8 standout gadgets | Technology | The Guardian
Also unveiled in Barcelona: Microsoft’s Hololens 2 and phones with folding screens
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7 weeks ago by tonys
Best phones of MWC 2019 - The Verge
The world of smartphones is going to look very different in 2019 than in the years prior. Instead of seeing incremental changes and improvements, silly notch size comparisons and feeble iPhone copycats, we’re seeing some genuine originality and creativity. Sony has stretched the phone, Nokia has riddled it with cameras, Huawei and Samsung have folded it, Energizer has fattened it up, and Nubia has bent it around the user’s wrist.
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7 weeks ago by tonys

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