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Image Dithering: Eleven Algorithms and Source Code
Today’s graphics programming topic – dithering – is one I receive a lot of emails about, which some may find surprising. You might think that dithering is something programmers shouldn’t have to deal with in 2012. Doesn’t dithering belong in the annals of technology history, a relic of times when “16 million color displays” were something programmers and users could only dream of? In an age when cheap mobile phones operate in full 32bpp glory, why am I writing an article about dithering?
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7 hours ago by vancura
Blue Noise links
Blue Noise links. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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7 hours ago by vancura
The problem with 3D blue noise
After the previous blog post several readers (namely Morgan McGuire, Mikkel Gjoel and Bart Wronski) expressed interest in 3D blue noise. Thus, this blog post provides a database of such blue noise textures. It also explains why you might not want to use it. The post relies on concepts introduced in the previous post so you should read this one first.
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7 hours ago by vancura
How To Fix A Washing Machine Making Noise During The Spin Cycle |
If your old or new washing machine makes noise during the spin cycle we have some useful DIY repair tips here to fix your machine. A washing machine making a loud noise when spinning means a part has become worn
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3 days ago by andreok
Bjørn Karmann › project_alias
Alias is a teachable “parasite” that is designed to give users more control over their smart assistants, both when it comes to customisation and privacy. Through a simple app the user can train Alias to react on a custom wake-word/sound, and once trained, Alias can take control over your home assistant by activating it for you.

When you don't use it, Alias will make sure the assistant is paralysed and unable to listen by interrupting its microphones.

Follow the build guide on Ins...
english  device  alexa  privacy  echo  amazon  smart  devices  machine  learning  noise  cloaking  raspberry  pi 
3 days ago by harcesz
Silencity – The Truth About Noise
Noise pollution is not just a quality of life issue, it’s a health issue. This site is dedicated to examining sound, noise, and the impact of noise pollution on health and well being.
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6 days ago by fabianmohr

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