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Creating a GraphQL server with NodeJS
Tutorial on creating a GraphQL server using NodeJS and Apollo
nodejs  tutorials  graphql  apollo  servers 
18 hours ago by angusm
broken-link-checker - npm
Could be useful for supercrawler too.
nodejs  tools  useful 
yesterday by ocean
proofreader - npm
Seems a pretty cool tool.
tools  nodejs  useful  writing 
yesterday by ocean
An Alternative to npm Private Modules
How to reference private npm modules hosted in bitbucket or github or other git repo, and keep your private modules from being published.
npm  module  nodejs  git 
yesterday by Tknvbe
Now - serverless application deployment
makes serverless application deployment easy.
Don’t spend time configuring the cloud. Just push your code.
deployment  nodejs  cloud  node 
2 days ago by amason
19 ways to become a better Node.JS developer in 2019
I’ve compiled here 19 skills & topics you might find valuable in 2019. Please don’t get overwhelmed —  nither I or most developers are familiar enough with all these topics. It’s just my radar, and…
nodejs  node  javascript 
2 days ago by spdaly
Orchestrating Node.js Containers with Kubernetes - NodeSource
This blog post follows up Containerizing Node.js Applications with Docker, where we covered what containers are, why organizations are finding them so useful in the modern software ecosystem, and best practices for turning Node.js applications into immutable containers with Docker.
node.js  nodejs  docker  visualization  kubernetes 
2 days ago by bouvin
19 ways to become a better Node.JS developer in 2019
I’ve compiled 19 skills and topics you might find valuable in 2019. Please don’t get overwhelmed — neither I nor most other developers are familiar with every single topic. These are just the exciting things on my radar, and the JavaScript horizon is never-ending.
node.js  nodejs  javascript  webdev  development  tutorial 
2 days ago by bouvin
6 JavaScript User Authentication Libraries for 2019
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
nodejs  authentication  auth0 
2 days ago by HusseinMorsy
low.js | Node.js for microcontrollers
low.js is a port of the JavaScript runtime Node.js with far lower system requirements, allowing it to run on cheap, power-efficient microcontroller boards based on the ESP32-WROVER module.
node.js  nodejs  embedded  IoT  javascript 
2 days ago by bouvin
Web scraping with Node.JS and Cheerio | ButterCMS
Cheerio is a Node.js library that helps developers interpret and analyze web pages using a jQuery-like syntax. In this post, I will explain how to use Cheerio to scrape the web.
nodejs  cheerio  browserbased  javascript  scraping  tutorial 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx

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