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jaredpalmer/backpack: 🎒 Backpack is a minimalistic build system for Node.js projects.
🎒 Backpack is a minimalistic build system for Node.js projects. - jaredpalmer/backpack
javascript  node  build  system 
23 minutes ago by bramchi
Minimal interactive command-line prompts
javascript  node  terminal  cli 
yesterday by linuslundahl
Stylish CLI prompts that are user-friendly, intuitive and easy to create.
javascript  node  terminal  cli 
yesterday by linuslundahl
Node.js ES2015/ES6, ES2016 and ES2017 support
Search for es2016, es2017 to find node version support.
nodejs  node  javascript  tsc  tsconfig 
yesterday by mjs
Leon - Your Open-Source Personal Assistant
Leon is an open-source personal assistant who can live on your server. He is built on the top of Node.js, Python and artificial intelligence concepts.
ai  nodejs  tools  javascript  chatbot  opensource  homeautomation  nlp  node  personalassistant 
yesterday by jonrandy
git-history/cli at master · pomber/git-history
Quickly browse the history of any GitHub file. Contribute to pomber/git-history development by creating an account on GitHub.
git  node  history 
yesterday by phatblat

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