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Puppeteer v1.5.0
headless chrome controller
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yesterday by dogonwhe
macOS Sierra ask for firewall after install any Node Version with "n" · Issue #394 · tj/n
Similar to #199 (old issue solved) I note that after install "n" and use to switch between versions the firewall ask for permissions (Because I'm using also ExpressJs for an API Rest). The msg is "Do you want the application “node” to ac...
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yesterday by cajazzer
Architect, The Killer Serverless Framework – Reify
A nice overview of an npm framework for creating server-less applications on AWS. It abstracts away a lot of the plumbing, which can have upsides and downsides. I'd love to see something equivalent in python.

The actual framework is here:
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yesterday by IanMulvany
14 - How to work with scoped packages | npm Documentation
Scopes are used to group related packages together, and to create a namespace, like a domain, for npm modules. This is explained in more detail here. If a package's name begins with @, then it is a scoped package. The scope is everything in between the @ and the slash. via Pocket
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2 days ago by booyaa

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