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ESP8266 Multisensor Shield with Node-RED | Random Nerd Tutorials
In this project you’ll discover how integrate the ESP8266 Multisensor Shield for the Wemos D1 Mini board with Node-RED. The ESP8266 Multisensor Shield will establish an MQTT connection with a Raspberry Pi running Node-RED and Mosquitto MQTT broker.
randomnerd  tutorial  esp8266  wireless  sensor  node-red  mqtt 
13 hours ago by cyberchucktx
nodered/node-red-docker - Docker Hub
docker run -it -p 1880:1880 --name mynodered nodered/node-red-docker
node-red  raspberrypi  docker 
11 weeks ago by tsangiotis
node-opencv with Node-Red | btsimonh
Here I hope to outline using node-opencv with Node-Red in a way which can be reproduced. My hardware configuration: RPi 3 with IR equipped camera. Objective: motion detection in an aggressive background environment. Installing OpenCV 3.3.0 on the RPi3: follow the instructions here: A very condensed version: ensure all the following are present: sudo apt-get…
howto  Node-RED  opencv  picam  RaspberryPi 
june 2018 by davemee
Node-RED: basics to bots - developerWorks Courses
Create cognitive web apps with Node-RED to translate text, analyze tone, and send tweets. Build a chat bot with Watson Conversation and Facebook Messenger.
node-red  basics  course  documentation  IBM  e-learning 
may 2018 by arnoldn

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