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Although I dislike the term "museum" because it tends to reinforce the notion of the "vanishing race," and thus relics within a museum, it acts more as a showcase of past and present native peoples
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Ira Jacknis - A New Thing? The NMAI in Historical and Institutional Perspective - The American Indian Quarterly 30:3&4
The author writes: "As my title suggests, my basic question is to what extent is and was the (National) Museum of the American Indian unique or different or new? In order to answer this question, we must compare the institution to other collections of Native American objects. Museums, however, come in many varieties of size, subject, and mission, and they change and evolve over time. They also have multiple functions. Among the primary aspects considered here are collection, exhibition, and education/outreach. In this essay, I will attempt to place the Museum of the American Indian in varying disciplinal (anthropology, art, history) and geographic (city, region, nation) contexts."
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Melissa Nelson - Ravens, Storms, and the Ecological Indian at the National Museum of the American Indian - Wicazo Sa Review 21:2
a visit to the National Museum of the American Indian and seeing signs of the mythical Noble Savage. Wicazo Sa Review 21.2 (2006) 41-60
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SI Web and New Media Strategy - Vantage Point
Where mobile web meets the cellphone tour through the latest tagging technology and the humble object label
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Why I Can’t Visit the National Museum of the American Indian
"We’ve been trying to educate the visitors for five hundred years; how long will it take to educate the visitors?"
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