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Building Brundage Bot – Hacker Noon
I concatenated the title of each paper to its abstract and created tf-idf n-gram features (up to trigrams) from the text. I then concatenated one-hot-encoded vectors representing the paper’s authors and arXiv category. I filtered out n-grams that appeared less than 30 times in the training set (out of ~25k total abstracts) and authors who appeared less than 3 times. This left around 17k total features.

Finally, I held out a randomly-selected 10% of the data as a test set and trained a logistic regression using sklearn. I added L1 regularization (with the parameter chosen by cross-validation) and a class-weighted loss loss to help with the large number of features and class imbalance.
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yesterday by foodbaby
tools and knowledge needed to begin anonymizing documents they have written.

It does this by firing up JStylo libraries (an author detection application also develped by PSAL) to detect stylometric patterns and determine features (like word length, bigrams, trigrams, etc.) that the user should remove/add to help obsure their style and identity.
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2 days ago by sprague
Tregex is a utility for matching patterns in trees, based on tree relationships and regular expression matches on nodes (the name is short for "tree regular expressions"). Tregex comes with Tsurgeon, a tree transformation language. The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group
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4 days ago by jerid.francom

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