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Who Killed the Junior Developer? | Hacker News
comments about software development interns in the Netherlands
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yesterday by lena
NLO Shieldmark
Trademarks and designs are powerful ways of distinguishing companies and products. Registration can protect you from parties which copy your product, for example. NLO Shieldmark’s attorneys can advise you on such matters as registration, availability and IP-related contracts. With extensive experience in the most diverse areas and access to a worldwide network of quality agents, they assess your problem with a commercial look and solve your problem.
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10 days ago by shalmaneser
Our mission is to develop the best core banking engine in the world.
Legacy out. Agility in. It is the only way forward for the financial industry and the driving principle behind Ohpen: a ruthlessly effective, cloud-based core banking engine. Built by former retail bankers to administer retail investment and savings accounts, Ohpen liberates banks from their legacy systems and processes.
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11 days ago by shalmaneser
The Dutch were a secret U.S. ally in war against Russian hackers, local media reveal
BERLIN — The Dutch domestic intelligence service AIVD had access to the infamous Russian hacking group Cozy Bear for at least a year starting in mid-2014, local…
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22 days ago by geekzter
Dutch intelligence reportedly hacked Russian election hackers in 2014
As if the story of the 2016 election and associated cyberattacks wasn’t already complicated enough, new information now suggests that Dutch intelligence has for…
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23 days ago by geekzter

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