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Senior Trip
One month, no wizardry, just the two of them backpacking through Europe, like Kit had always dreamed of doing. It would be amazing—provided it wasn’t a total disaster.
fanfic  fandom  ao3  youngwizards  nitakit  romance  angst  humour  het 
august 2018 by jennayra
Detour of Art
While looking into wizarding genealogy, Carl Romeo finds something interesting in his manual, that could potentially change the lives of the Callahan family, and tie them to a planet halfway across the galaxy.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  gen/friendship  youngwizards  nitakit  au  heartwarming 
august 2018 by jennayra

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angst  ao3  au  fandom  fanfic  gen/friendship  heartwarming  het  humour  romance  youngwizards 

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