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Nissan U.S. sales drop 3.6% in March
Brands: Nissan down 3.6% to 145,103 car and light-truck sales; Infiniti down 4.6% to 17,432.

Notable nameplates: Nissan Rogue, the brand's best-seller, posted the best monthly performance in its history with sales up 6.7% to 42,151. Frontier pickup sales rose 28%, while Titan pickup sales fell 11%. On the car side, Sentra rose 14% and Leaf climbed 1.5%; all other car lines dropped by double-digit percentages. On the Infiniti side, Q50 rose 34%. QX30 dropped 59% to 1,227 vehicles.
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New QX50 factors big for Infiniti dealers
"This new model is so important to us," Parker told Automotive News after the meeting. "We really want our dealers to take their time selling it, to focus on the vehicle itself, to sell customers on its styling and its technology — not to be pressured to sell it, but to sell it on its merits."

Parker told the dealer meeting that Infiniti advertising will promote the QX50 all year, except for the two months of its annual summer sales event and the year-end sale period in November and December.
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Nissan says dealer profits a 2018 priority
Dan Mohnke, Nissan Division's new senior vice president for U.S. sales & marketing and operations, told the dealers that the company will lay out details of the plan after the start of its fiscal year, which began April 1.

Nissan vows to help dealers bolster profitability.
Factory output will be reduced to relieve sales pressure.
Plan for brand marketing shift, less reliance on leasing and sales incentives was scheduled to be released after April 1
He told them it will involve reduced factory production and lower U.S. inventories in an effort to relieve the pressure to sell vehicles at discounted prices, and less factory reliance on low-profit fleet sales.
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Drew and Jonathan Scott, TV’s ‘Property Brothers,’ join Habitat for Humanity and Nissan to kick off month-long Home is the Key campaign - Nissan - Nissan Online Newsroom
Also in its second year as a Home is the Key sponsor, Nissan will donate $1 to Habitat for every time #HomeIsTheKey is shared on social media, up to $250,000. Nissan and Habitat have partnered together for over a decade and have helped families all over the world build and own their home.
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Infiniti dealer meeting: Keep an eye on gross margins, dealers told
Infiniti also told dealers it will be important to "take their time" in retailing the model, which has gotten its first full redesign since it appeared in late 2007 under the name EX.

Randy Parker, Infiniti Americas vice president, urged dealers to retail the crossover with an eye toward gross margin and view it as an opportunity to boost dealership profitability.

Parker said that, to reduce selling pressure on the vehicle, Infiniti has removed it from the factory's normal sales incentive program — a move to ensure dealers do not discount its pricing to hit monthly sales goals.
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At New York Auto Show, 2019 Nissan Altima Steals BMW's Interior, Sticks it to Accord, Camry - The Drive
With renewed style, a ton of tech and the AWD you can't get from Honda or Toyota, Altima looks to prop up the American family sedan.
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6 days ago by automotive
2019 Nissan Altima First Look | Edmunds
The 2019 Altima goes on sale this fall. Pricing and official fuel economy have not yet been announced.
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Nissan dealers will step up tablet selling
Nissan will expand its use of tablet-based selling this year, rolling out an app that guides customers through every step of the buying process, from their first showroom conversation to final vehicle delivery.

The plan follows positive dealer results from a limited tablet process Nissan rolled out over the past two years, according to Dan Mohnke, the automaker's senior U.S. sales executive.
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Nissan will introduce 8 new EVs
Nissan pledged to maintain its leadership in electric vehicles as the automaker outlined plans to launch eight new EVs and hit annual sales of 1 million electrified vehicles by 2022.
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6 days ago by automotive
Infiniti dealers: Big win seen from QX50
Infiniti reported double-digit sales growth in 2017, and Florida dealer Mario Murgado is confident the brand is in good hands and on the right track for 2018. Key for the franchise, says Murgado, who owns Infiniti Stuart, is the launch of the redesigned QX50 crossover starting this month.

Murgado, 55, is chairman of the Infiniti National Dealer Advisory Board. He believes the QX50 represents a high-water mark for the brand, combining a roomier interior, elegant styling, an advanced new variable-compression turbo engine, and a positive working relationship between the dealer network and the manufacturer.
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Nissan dealers: Retailers prepare for a new era
Dealer Advisory Board in August as Nissan completed its six-year drive to boost U.S. sales and market share. Hill, 50, is dealer principal of Hill Nissan in Winter Haven, Fla., a dealership that has been in his family since 1976, when it was an Oldsmobile-Datsun store.

The Nissan brand is entering a new phase in the U.S., says Hill, who will be board chairman for one year with an option to remain for two more years. Softening industry sales, coupled with higher interest rates and larger store inventories, are causing Nissan to turn its focus from pushing sales to helping retailers sustain profitability.
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Infiniti zeros in on redesigned QX50, inventories
Infiniti expects the QX50 to become its biggest seller. But for its launch, the company plans to keep inventories low.

Mario Murgado, owner of Infiniti Stuart in Florida and chairman of the Infiniti National Dealer Advisory Board, believes that's a wise move — even though he is eager to start selling the redesigned QX50.

An early oversupply "would do none of us any good," Murgado said. "This car is the franchise. I need this car to be the most successful car and the most successful launch in the history of Infiniti."
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Nissan preps push to sell Titans with training effort
The Nissan brand's push to sell more full-size Titan pickups this year is being supported with an all-out training campaign by the automaker. And in many cases, Nissan dealers really need the instruction, says Tim Hill, owner of Hill Nissan in Winter Haven, Fla., and chairman of the Nissan National Dealer Advisory Board.

"There has been a lot of training — and a lot of training is needed," Hill said. "A lot of it's new for Nissan dealers. Before, we had basically one model of the Titan. Now we're going more head-to-head with the domestics, offering many different truck variations. That's a learning curve when you haven't been selling full-sized trucks."
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8 days ago by automotive
Infiniti Unleashes Two Limited SUVs for NYIAS |
The 2019 QX60 Limited will go on sale this spring, the 2019 Infiniti QX80 Limited arriving in showrooms over the summer. Infiniti will release pricing closer to their on-sale date.
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INFINITI Americas Announces Senior Management Changes | Autosphere
Mike Colleran is named Vice President, INFINITI Americas. He will be based at INFINITI Americas headquarters in Franklin, Tenn., and report to Christian Meunier, Global Division Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales for INFINITI Motor Company.
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NISSAN: Weaker cars, Infiniti trucks dent results
Brands: Nissan down 4% to 117,110, Infiniti down 6.7% to 12,820.

Notable nameplates: Rogue, Nissan's volume leader, rose 15% to 38,119 sales, with help from the nameplate's new Rogue Sport variation. Both of Nissan's pickups increased for the month. Frontier moved up 69% to 7,992 and Titan improved 26% to 3,761. Infiniti's QX30 was off 68% from February 2017, selling 775. Infiniti said the decrease is compared with a sales bubble in February 2017 when the model arrived in dealerships in large numbers.
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25 days ago by automotive
Mitsubishi names Diaz CEO of North America
Diaz last year had quietly been assigned to the role of general manager in charge of performance optimization for Mitsubishi's global marketing and sales.

Before joining Nissan in 2013, Diaz was CEO of Ram and CEO of Chrysler de Mexico and Latin America.

Nissan recruited him as senior vice president for U.S. sales and marketing, reporting to Nissan North America Chairman Jose Munoz. Diaz was then assigned to step up Nissan's light-truck and commercial sales, marketing and operations across North America.
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Nissan takes first stop on road to taxi services with Easy Ride
In partnership with Japanese mobile gaming platform operator DeNA Co., Nissan will begin public field tests of its Easy Ride service in Yokohama next month, becoming among the first major automakers anywhere to test ride-hailing software developed in-house, using its own fleet of self-driving electric cars.
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CDK partners with Nissan for integrated solution | Auto Remarketing
CDK Global announced Wednesday that it will supply an integrated solution for Nissan dealers as a preferred provider in the Nissan Dealer Website Program for all franchised dealerships in the country.
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27 days ago by automotive
Nissan’s Fred Diaz to Run U.S. Operations for Mitsubishi |
Move comes as Nissan consolidates control of smaller Japanese automaker.
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