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710-HP Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign | News | Car and Driver
Is this an early look at the next GT-R?
UPDATE 12/7/18: Nissan announced that Italdesign has begun taking orders and will build no more than 50 cars, each at a starting price that is the equivalent of $1.1 million. Custom exterior and interior colors beyond the prototype model's gray and gold will increase that price. The production model features enlarged side-view mirrors and a resculpted rear valance to accommodate a license plate. Inside, however, the GT-R50 no longer appears as minimalist or handcrafted. Parts-bin switchgear and conventional instrumentation replace the all-digital cluster and metal toggle switches. The carbon-fiber instrument cowl is gone, too, and the steering wheel is less ornate. An infotainment system protrudes from the dash while the corner air vents shed their elaborate, layered construction. Nissan likely deemed it too expensive to homologate such custom parts.
The Nissan GT-R is still running strong, if a little long, in its 10-year-old body. But this slick gold-on-silver rendering is our closest peek at the next Godzilla, and, we hope, the future of Nissan design. The GT-R50 by Italdesign is a one-off prototype built by the famous Italian design studio. It's set to make its debut on the Continent in a couple of weeks.
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Nissan Film Advert By TBWA: Kicks | Ads of the World™
Film advertisement created by TBWA, United States for Nissan, within the category: Automotive.
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Nissan Aligns New Altima With 'Mary Poppins Returns' 12/03/2018
Nissan North America is breaking creative that shows the similarities between updating a classic like “Mary Poppins” and the longstanding member of its vehicle lineup, the Nissan Altima.

One 60-second video focuses on design while a second video focuses on technology.  The spots are on social media and will appear when the movie debuts in theaters Dec. 19. 
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A backlash is coming to Carlos Ghosn’s arrest • Bloomberg
Joe Nocera:
<p>People who know nothing about the Japanese justice system are going to start asking aloud how Ghosn’s ordeal [in which he remains in a small cell, and is interrogated for hours at a time] can possibly be justified. They’ll ask why Japanese executives who have been embroiled in far bigger scandals – the ones who cooked the books at Olympus Corp., say, or oversaw the faulty airbags at Takata Corp. – weren’t treated as harshly as Ghosn. They’ll ask, finally, whether the whole thing was a ruse, designed to get Ghosn out of the way so that Nissan’s Japanese executives could reassert control of the company.

Because there’s a pretty good chance that’s what’s really happened here. According to the Japanese news media, a Nissan whistleblower informed prosecutors of Ghosn’s alleged crimes. If so, the timing was awfully convenient. As Bloomberg reported earlier this year, Ghosn was pushing for Renault and Nissan – which had been part of a Ghosn-led alliance since 1999 1  – to merge into a single company. Most Nissan executives, starting with CEO Hiroto Saikawa, vehemently opposed the merger.

Two decades earlier, Ghosn created the alliance to help Nissan avoid bankruptcy; he had Renault invest $5 billion in the Japanese company in return for a one-third stake. (Renault currently owns 43 percent of Nissan, while Nissan owns 15 percent of Renault.) With Nissan now bigger and more profitable than Renault, the Japanese executives bristle at the alliance. And they deeply resent having to take orders from the often high-handed Ghosn.

My theory – and I’m hardly the only one who believes this – is that Nissan’s executives, unable to fire their chairman, had him arrested instead, along with Kelly, the only other Westerner on the Nissan board.</p>

I have wondered from the start whether this is actually an <a href="">Olympus scenario</a>. This remains my suspicion - not because westerners can't commit crimes, or do so in Japan, but because the crimes he's accused of are so bizarre. Underdeclaring income? His income is decided by the company.
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Nissan Canceled Electric-Car Debut Amid Turmoil - WSJ
Arrest and firing of Carlos Ghosn as Nissan’s chairman upset auto maker’s plan to promote upgrades to the Leaf line
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My gut says threatened by attempting to absorb . A bridge too far. Remember…
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