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Budget 2017: Stagnant earnings forecast 'astonishing' - BBC News
real wages in aggregate to continue to stagnate fall eaten up by inflation. Does NOT help serving current debt levels. // The prediction that average UK earnings in 2022 could still be less than in 2008 is "astonishing", according to an independent economic think tank. // 'Adair Turner: neoliberalism not raising all boats'
secular  stagnation  productivity  inflation  Brexit  budget2017  paysqueeze  IFS  ONS  OBR  Philip  Hammond  skill  gap  output  wage  income  growth  disposable  discretionary  spending  debt  BOE  Mark  Carney  underinvestment  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  education  policy  college  GDP  Capitalism  GFC  recovery  neoliberal  neoliberalism  globalisation  globalization 
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(4081) Warum wir alle ärmer werden – Top-Ökonom erklärt die Gründe! // Mission Money - YouTube
houses are unproductive / schuldeninfusion erhaelt am leben, zombie u.a. / wer bezahlt fuer EU schuldenschnitt? / German econ illusion / banken in eu immernoch sanierungsbeduerftig /
Productivity  output  gap  secular  stagnation  economic  history  book  Robotics  AI  augmented  artificial  intelligence  GFC  recovery  debt  overhang  Austerity  household  wage  growth  inflation  deflationary  deflation  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  Japan  BOE  Fed  BOJ  ECB  income  zombie  Richard  Koo  disposable  discretionary  spending  bank  bailout  NPL 
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How the world’s greatest financial experiment enriched the rich
In a little under a decade, central bank “kitchens” in the US, Europe, the UK and Japan have inundated financial markets with more than $8trn using a system dubbed “quantitative easing” (QE). This equates to around $10,000 per man, woman and child in the countries whose currencies they guard.
QE  ZIRP  NIRP  economic  history 
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Millions may lose promised pension payout - BBC News
gov has to bail out again corporate greed // Three million savers in final-salary pension schemes only have a 50/50 chance of receiving the payouts they were promised, a study has concluded.
Some employers were under pressure to meet their pension obligations, the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) said.
High-profile cases such as the BHS collapse have highlighted concerns over the future of workplace pensions.
The PLSA said one solution could be the pooling of resources into "superfunds".
pension  retirement  crisis  TBTF  bailout  corporate  subsidies  subsidizing  scheme  UK  USA  ZIRP  NIRP  GFC  recovery  ageing  population  babyboomers  baby  boomers  demographic  bubble  Productivity  secular  stagnation  growth  inflation  401k 
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Where have all the movers gone? - Council of Mortgage Lenders
It should be known by now that the policy of a home owning democracy supported by London and exploited by London was and is and will be a catastrophe to the productivity and skills of this economy. Because of the misdirected money flows into unproductive houses (capital, asset for retirement, welfare, social mobility of kids). To the contrary of Germany. When policy of capital investment is geared towards poductive investments, assets, capital, skills, expansion, R&D. And where renters have rights! //&! - The housing ladder only worked because of the unique economic conditions of the late 20th century. It's now broken and unlikely to recover. & - and houses don't pay taxes (NI, pension pot).
Housing  Crisis  Generationengerechtigkeit  Generation  Rent  mortgage  ZIRP  QE  NIRP  UK  Lobby  Lobbying  Policy  speculation  ROI  underinvestment  malinvestment  productivity  output  gap  skills  economic  history  Brexit  London  shareholder  profit  maximisation 
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(2195) Mark Blyth Telling The US Senate That Austerity Policy Is Wrong - YouTube
Mark Blyth & Makers v Takers & Erbschaft & asset & capital tax // wolfgang schäuble George Osborne David Cameron // >> Growth cures debt, cuts / austerity causes debt!!!
Mark  Blyth  UK  USA  Austerity  taxation  corporate  corporatism  welfare  state  NHS  income  tax  GFC  asset  capital  recovery  underinvestment  secular  stagnation  bond  bubble  economic  history  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  BOE  productivity  budget  Super  Rich  Plutocracy  trickle-down  Oligarchy  1%  10%  profit  maximisation  shareholder  immigration  gini  Coefficient  FX  Forex  confidence  fairy  globalisation  evasion  avoidance  HMRC  bank  bailout  badbank  bad  Schuldenbremse  Fiscal  Pact  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  PIGS  Policy  IMF  BIS  ECB  Fed 
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First fall in consumer spending for almost 4 years
Consumer spending has fallen on an annual basis for the first time in almost four years [...] Adjusting for inflation, real consumer spending by British consumers on Visa debit, credit and prepaid cards in May was 0.8 per cent lower than in the same month last year. Visa said that seasonally adjusted spending was 1.8 per cent lower in May compared to April. The figures are unofficial, but suggest that sluggish economic growth continued in the second quarter, after a first quarter in which the UK grew at the slowest rate in the G7. [...] household consumption, which accounts for more than 60 per cent of the economy. [ 80 Services and Consumption 20 manufacturing ] /&! - The crucial services sector stands on the brink of a contraction
UK  Brexit  GE2017  Consumer  Confidence  creditcard  credit  card  discretionary  spending  disposable  income  inflation  living  standard  wage  growth  recession  Economy  2017  secular  stagnation  deflation  deflationary  BOE  ZIRP  QE  NIRP  Austerity  Services  materialism  Shopping  Consumerism  consumerist  household  debt  mortgage  Manufacturing 
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Britain’s economy is broken. We desperately need new ideas | Tom Kibasi | Opinion | The Guardian
If the country was economically bankrupt in 2010, it is intellectually bankrupt in 2017. On the eve of the general election, politicians of all parties have rarely been so devoid of progressive ideas [...] Yet in substance, May’s approach remains mere tinkering at the edges of economic policy. The Conservatives remain stubbornly allergic to – or ignorant of – Keynesian macroeconomics. [...] [and housing and real estate lending distorting the lending picture. houses are not productive! R&D, and firms are. and creating long-term jobs w real incomes to spend (not remortgaging your home bc of housing bubble]
Brexit  GE2017  London  Housing  Bubble  piggybank  Forex  British  Pound  recovery  GFC  Manufacturing  Services  Consumerism  Zombie  Austerity  underinvestment  confidence  fairy  Productivity  output  gap  QE  ZIRP  NIRP  banking  investment  distortion  lending  property  UK  Living  Standard  wage  income  growth  inflation  £ 
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The Biggest Real Estate Bubble Of All Time Just Did The Impossible | Zero Hedge
There are two things at work here. The natural resource distortion to the real economy. And the Super Rich and Criminals and Asia/China who are desperate to divest and park their riches in democracies and rule of law and hard "assets"
Canada  bubble  property  Super  Rich  1%  money  laundering  Asia  China  Russia  Brazil  corruption  G20  speculation  speculative  London  CAD  immigration  Student  Plutocracy  Oligarchy  tax  evasion  avoidance  QE  ZIRP  NIRP  unintended  consequences  Fed  BOE  ECB  organised  crime  war  on  drugs  natural  resources 
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Distortion of financial economy (speculation), underinvestment in real things.
7:33 QE and ZIRP and banks business model, the financialisation of the western economies, is causing underinvestment now for a too long time, in the real economy (companies, R&D, infrastructure, edu, productivity). - - TBTF central banks w QE blance sheet unable to unwind it! Loss of faith in politics and the system. (2) credit bubble from consumers that made the recovery w the help of ZIRP QE - zombie consumer zombie companies zombie banks - kept just about alive w QE and ZIRP. america uk worth more on paper due to credit and forex USD £ than their real economy realer wirtschaftswert (3) Argentina example.
ZIRP  NIRP  QE  housing  mortgage  bubble  real  estate  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  poverty  trap  social  income  mobility  recovery  GFC  central  banks  ECB  BOE  Fed  BOJ  austerity  Schuldenbremse  trickle-down  underinvestment  economic  history  TBTF 
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The ten graphs which show how Britain became a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of London (and what we can do about it) – New thinking for the British economy
[ uk banks overinvested enabled by political policy into houses and high streets. underinvested in productive capital like R&D companies in general etc ] >> But it doesn’t increase the productive capacity of the economy one iota: a more expensive house doesn’t produce more intelligent children, and a higher share price doesn’t boost a company’s productivity (though it can indirectly boost its capacity to raise funds for investment). [...] Debt-financed asset purchases are thus fundamentally a Ponzi activity: // not just tight housing supply is increasing prices, but also easy credit/debt/mortgage market! // [...] ultimately, there is a limit to just how much debt individuals and corporations can take on – even with low interest rates
UK  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  housing  market  mortgage  household  consumer  debt  disposable  income  servitude  GFC  recovery  wage  growth  Ponzi  asset  capital  Kapital  BOE  credit  card  affordable  social  servicing  default  rate  insolvency  speculation  unintended  consequences  economic  history  consumption  secular  stagnation  Brexit  policy  fiscal  monetary  Mark  Carney  underinvestment  productivity  R&D  Career  Politicians  Margaret  Thatcher 
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Budget 2017: Asset sales to thank for UK's figures? - BBC News
'we are not paying our way in the world' -- highlight the cheat the Tories are. 1 sale of national assets to lower debt. still horrible trade balance deficit now w even weaker pound. And not mentioned the recovery supported greatly by household debt bubble and mortgage party. GDP per capita, wage growth v inflation, living standard, current account deficit, underinvestment/austerity in edu and health (see imf paper), ... UK becoming a basket case.
Budget  Tories  Conservative  PFI  Assets  George  Osborne  Theresa  May  Manufacturing  underinvestment  Philip  Hammond  London  Services  nasty  party  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  household  debt  consumer  credit  card  creditcard  mortgage  housing  bubble  Productivity  output  gap  skills  STEM  education  policy  Austerity  current  account  deficit  GFC  bank  bailout  GDP  per  capita  IMF  technological  unemployment  David  Cameron  social  mobility  income  wage  growth  downward  gini  Coefficient  child  poverty 
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STEVE KEEN on Private Debt - YouTube
the trick is up for tory austerity soon, when the private debt/household debt bubble bursts. and or the uk economy comes to a standstill. /// London has driven out the real wealth creators - - democracy by houses, bc renters have no rights, &! Money , banks, debt seems not to matter in status quo economics - Prof Steve Keen on Parasitic Banking Sector London School of Economics - GFC recovery is not recovery it is Japanese style stagnation! ex imigration¬!
UK  London  Margaret  Thatcher  private  debt  Consumer  household  mortgage  GFC  recovery  Brexit  discretionary  spending  disposable  income  reflate  reflation  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  Austerity  service  sector  working  poor  squeezed  middle  class  leverage  economic  history  living  standard  wage  growth  mobility  social  inequality  Gini  Coefficient  tax  evasion  avoidance  HMRC  payday  loan  trickle-down  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  JAM  Theresa  May  Philip  Hammond  IMF  OECD  neoliberalism  crony  capitalism  Exploitation  corporatism  Consumerism  materialism  GDP  underinvestment  ROI  BOE  Mark  Carney  Steve  Keen  book 
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Tory spending pledges on police, education and childcare 'at risk' | Politics | The Guardian
[ after 7 years of austerity, no end in sight, debt keeps climbing, no to little investment, ... now you have to break promises from 2010 that there are protected budgets, ... to meet your fucking debt reduction promise ] Conservative promises to protect spending on police, sixth form education and childcare are at risk as Philip Hammond demands £3.5bn in new cuts from his cabinet colleagues, according to an analysis by the IPPR thinktank. The IPPR believes the government will not be able to hit its savings target, even allowing for proposed budget cuts, at the same time as meeting spending promises made by George Osborne when he was chancellor. [...] when the Treasury announced a new new drive for “efficiency savings” earlier this week, the only spending commitments that were reaffirmed were Conservative manifesto pledges to protect the core schools budgets and the NHS; and a subsequent promise to meet the Nato target of spending 2% of GDP on defence. [...] “the police budget could now face a further £250 to £500m in cuts that the public were not aware of”. [ LOTS OF UNINTENDED CONSQUENCES ABOUND, YOU SAVED HERE, BUT COSTS CREATED THERE, KNOCK ON EFFECTS! SHORT AND LONG-TERM! ie skills and social mobility, meaning less taxable income in the future bc stagnant wages & living standards, then you still try meet you debt reduction targets and you start cutting off fingers, hands, foot, ... ]
Brexit  Austerity  UK  George  Osborne  Philip  Hammond  David  Cameron  Theresa  May  IMF  underinvestment  Productivity  economic  history  GFC  bank  bailout  recovery  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  NHS  education  policy  NATO  Police  Council  elderly  care  adult  social  Prison  homelessness  homeless  poverty  drug  abuse  self-medication  coping  mechanism 
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