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Thinking JavaScript
[[]][0]++; // -> 0

[]++; // -> Error
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18 days ago by jesseminn
​Four Skills That Will Turn You Into a Spreadsheet Ninja;;;
tags: ​​Four Skills That Will Turn You Into a Spreadsheet Ninja | lifeHacker expert microsoft ms excel formula pivotTable pivot table macro script ;;;
search for: Learning how to do vLookup formulas, creating pivot tables and writing macros will do you some serious justice. In my time in the financial industry, those 3 skills alone seperated those who did work and those who got work done.
​Four  Skills  That  Will  Turn  You  Into  a  Spreadsheet  Ninja  |  lifeHacker  expert  microsoft  ms  excel  formula  pivotTable  pivot  table  macro  script 
4 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Clang Tidy from VS2015 using CMake - Bitsmaking
In this post I show how to use clang-tidy from within VS2015. The prerequisites are that you must be using CMake to generate your project. During the install of CMake I checked the option to add CMake to my PATH environment variable. I also installed Clang and added it to the PATH environment variable as well. Finally, get Ninja and put it in some directory. Ninja is needed because when I tried to use Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64 for the G option, CMake kept switching the compiler to cl.exe despite setting the compiler in the command-line options.
clang  clang-tidy  VisualStudio  VisualStudio2015  Tutorial  2017  ninja  Mehul  C++ 
6 weeks ago by dlb
25 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Tech Geeks & Marketers
RT : Glad I found this article just in time for this weekend! Catch me in as your local
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12 weeks ago by ormg - Ninja, Ninjutsu und Kampfkunst
Fachmagazin für Ninja, Ninjutsu und Kampfkunst. Seit 1999 bietet diese Website umfassende Informationen zu den Themen Ninja, ihrer Kampfkunst Ninjutsu, Waffen, Werkzeugen, Strategie und Taktik und vieles mehr.
ninja  ninjutsu  martial-arts  stefanimhoff-de 
october 2017 by kogakure
The Ninja build system manual
Ninja is yet another build system. It takes as input the interdependencies of files (typically source code and output executables) and orchestrates building them, quickly.

Ninja joins a sea of other build systems. Its distinguishing goal is to be fast. It is born from my work on the Chromium browser project, which has over 30,000 source files and whose other build systems (including one built from custom non-recursive Makefiles) would take ten seconds to start building after changing one file. Ninja is under a second.
ninja  build  OfficialSite  Documentation 
september 2017 by dlb
It has been a pleasure working with this legend
ninja  from twitter
september 2017 by mkelso
Great 2009 Ninja 250r Is ♥ I Think This Will Be The Cause Of My … Death Hahaha AND… HD Image | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
2009 ninja 250r is ♥ i think this will be the cause of my … Death hahaha AND… 2009 ninja 250r is ♥ i think this will be the cause of my … Death hahaha AND WHO CARES! #AdrenalineJunkie 2009 ninja 250r is ♥ i think this will be the cause of my … Death […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Bikes  250r  death  great  hahaha  hd  image  Ninja 
august 2017 by wotek
World’s Most Amazing Kendama Ninjas! Ft. Zoomadanke | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
World’s Most Amazing Kendama Ninjas! Ft. Zoomadanke What these guys can do with this traditional Japanese skill toy will blow your mind! Get Zoomadanke’s official Kendama here and help support these amazing performers:; Subscribe: Click to Facebook: Create your own website, portfolio or blog here: 10% off code: KUMA Subscribe! […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Amazing  Asia  asians  ball  easy  hiroki  iiji  iijimi  japan  japanese  kendama  kodama  kodaman  ninja  (Profession)  string  Toy  tricks  Worlds  zoomadanke 
august 2017 by wotek

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