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Bridging the Gap in the Nile Waters Dispute | Crisis Group
Important report on one of the great challenges facing Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia
egypt  sudan  ethiopia  nile 
4 days ago by arabist
Water Wars on the Nile | Foreign Affairs
Good overview of Nile & Red Sea geopolitics by Michael Hanna and Daniel Benaim
nile  egypt  ethiopia  redsea 
august 2018 by arabist
Passenger list cards from Thos. Cook steamer service, 1890, on P.S. Tewfik & P.S. Mohammed Ali
egyptology  Nile  from twitter
may 2018 by mutirdis
Death of the Nile - BBC News
RT : Death of the : The river is a lifeline for millions in East Africa, but for how much longer?
sudan  dangeil  Nile  from twitter
march 2018 by leonsp
Egypt Raises 'Extreme Concern' About Nile Dam With Ethiopia
I wonder if this linked with the firing of Sisi's intelligence head
egypt  nile 
january 2018 by arabist

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