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Not your typical door-to-door sales: the family-planning ladies of Nigeria | Ryan Lenora Brown | Christian Science Monitor
..In another time, in a different place, she might have been an Avon Lady, unzipping her bag to reveal tiny samples of lotions and lipsticks to neighborhood homemakers. But in northern Nigeria, in 2019, her powers of persuasion are directed toward unloading a very different kind of product.

“There are condoms, there are pills, there are implants, there is a shot,” she says cheerily, unsnapping a box of samples to show two potential customers. “It all depends on the type of method you’re looking for.”

Mrs. Abdullahi is part of a team of door-to-door contraceptive saleswomen hired by the family-planning charity Marie Stopes International to bring birth control to women here who can’t – or won’t – get it elsewhere. The model is part traveling saleswoman, part community health worker, a network of mobile midwives and health workers with a unique selling point. They come to you.

..Most of the MS Ladies have day jobs as nurses or community health-care workers, so the money isn’t the main reason for their work. Still, it doesn’t hurt.

.. So she’s learned to hustle her products at the few public events that bring women together, like weddings and baby-naming ceremonies, where she often sidles up to women she doesn’t know and asks them, quietly, if they know about child spacing.

That’s the way she phrases it, she says, because the idea isn’t to wag a finger at women who want big families. Abdullahi herself has seven kids, and says her only goal is to give women control over when they get pregnant.

That choice has proved powerful. Local women now pass her number furtively among themselves, so that Abdullahi’s phone is constantly lighting up with unknown numbers. Can you come to my house tonight? Can I have it done at your place? I can’t pay, can you help?
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Why the Saraki Political Dynasty Collapsed | Farooq Kperogi | Notes from Atlanta
..Saraki was the object of a vast, single-minded, concentrated federal assault. Nevertheless, he became an even easier target because of his own avoidable vulnerabilities. They are two.

The first is Saraki’s arrogance. His notoriety for overweening hauteur, particularly toward the people of Kwara State, is legendary. He routinely humiliated even people old enough to be his father out of pure, perverse self-conceit. One of my townsmen who was a professor here in the United States and who returned home to “give back to the community” a few years ago shared with me an experience he had with Saraki that captures Saraki’s imperiousness.

..Bukola Saraki didn’t learn this basic skill in what I call protective cultural mimicry, that is, the skill to embody and reflect the cultural singularities of your immediate community so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb. That was what rendered him vulnerable to the electoral onslaught of the hawks of the Buhari presidency. In other words, Saraki’s Ilorin cultural immunity was weak, which made him susceptible to an opportunistic presidential infection during the election.
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A Race to Save Children in Nigeria Collapse, but 8 People Are Dead
Sunday Adeyemo left his home on crowded Lagos Island early Wednesday as he always does, only to receive devastating news just hours later: The three-story building that housed not just his family’s apartment, but a primary and nursery school, had collapsed.

His 7-year-old daughter was inside. She did not survive. At least eight people have died, Nigerian officials said by late Wednesday evening.

“I’m totally devastated,” said a badly shaken Mr. Adeyemo, who was on the way to the hospital to collect the body of his daughter, Taiwo, a second-grader.

Scenes of horror and grief surrounded the building that had housed the Ohel Nursery and Primary School on Wednesday, as terrified parents and hundreds of onlookers hoped for the best. At least 70 people were inside the building at 10 a.m. when it fell, and possibly many more, neighbors said.

Rescue efforts continued into the night. Workers had pulled at least 37 people alive from the site, government officials said, tossing aside backpacks and classroom equipment to dig through the rubble. Many were dusty and dazed toddlers who were slung over the shoulders of workers and carried to waiting ambulances. Some were limp.

Fashanu Kudus, who lives in a house overlooking the rescue site, said he had watched the building collapse.

“We just heard ‘wham’ and the three-story building was reduced to rubble,” he said.

It’s a scene that has been repeated through the years in Lagos, Africa’s most populous city and one of the largest in the world, with an estimated 23.4 million people.

Construction here is regulated poorly, if at all, residents have long complained. Some occupied buildings have cracked foundations and tilted floors, creating a sensation of walking on a listing ship. Lagos Island in particular is known for its poor urban planning, narrow access roads and lack of public water supply.
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MainOne / Press release | MainOne and Facebook announce open-access fiber network in Nigeria
Africa Newsroom offers the latest Africa-related news releases & official statements issued by companies, governments, international organizations, NGOs & the UN.
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How To Become A Travel Agent In Nigeria -
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The Socialist Politics of Envy: What the World Can Learn from Nigeria’s Unfolding Disaster | David Hundeyin | CCN (Cryptocoin)
..To have such a discussion would mean explaining why amidst the naira’s 85 percent fall against the dollar in 2016, Buhari’s government chose to maintain an unrealistic official exchange rate which was used to subsidise religious pilgrims heading to Mecca for the Hajj.

Such conversations would include discussing the opposition’s stated plan to privatise NNPC, Nigeria’s state-owned oil firm that essentially functions as an independent country on its own, with no practical oversight by or accountability to government. Also included would be the federal government’s opaque and inefficient public contracting, procurement and funds disbursement process.

Rather than discuss a lack of investment in education and healthcare, extremely poor power generation and transport infrastructure, or the lack of proper separation of powers making the executive a law unto itself, the campaign was instead spent attacking the convenient fig leaves of “corrupt people”, “treasury looters,” and “arrogant elites”.

In the absence of reasoned debate or actual policies and achievements, a large vote-buying effort was also deployed, in what some have referred to as the “weaponization of poverty.”
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MainOne partners with Facebook on fibre infrastructure project amid impending Nigeria general election results - Data Economy
MainOne has announced a metro fibre infrastructure project in two states of Nigeria, with help from Facebook, as the country waits for its election results. 
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It’s become much harder to rig elections in Nigeria thanks to technology | Yomi Kazeem | Quartz Africa
..Under the current system, voters show up at polling units and have their PVC verified by card readers before being allowed to vote. The two-step authentication eliminates the dual problems of impersonation and multiple voting—previously rampant rigging tactics. It’s a major shift from the past when only paperwork (which could easily be faked) was enough to allow voters cast a ballot.

“The smart card readers and PVCs were a very important innovation that really enhanced the credibility of the elections,” says Richard Klein, senior adviser for elections at the National Democratic Institute (NDI). As Quartz Africa has reported, improvements in making elections more secure have forced politicians to rethink their campaign tactics to reach and convince voters directly.
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