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when i die i’ll sacrifice (more than enough for the afterlife) by notcaycepollard
The fall is longer than Natasha expects.

It’s tears cold on her face, teeth bitten all the way through her lip and the taste of copper in her mouth; she’s falling and falling and then, bracing for impact—she wakes up.
fic  au  mcu  avengers  captainamerica  natasha  buckybarnes  steverogers  nickfury  mariahill  coulson  samwilson  natasha/maria  steve/bucky  steve/bucky/sam  femslash  slash 
may 2019 by yasaman
the identity crisis of one nicholas j. fury by <user name="sevenfoxes" site="AO3">
"All the things Goose has eaten and the all the things people have called Nicholas J. Fury, with or without his consent." This is SO GREAT.

[AGREED! Also, love the switching back and forth across the timeline.]
avengers  captainmarvel  march-19  NickFury  MariaRambeau  ensemble  via:victoria.p 
march 2019 by butterflykiki
Mr. Phillip Coulson, a Gentleman of Some Repute by raiining
Mr. Phil Coulson, a gentleman by birth and a soldier by training, has devoted his life to assisting individuals with private matters that would best be handled quietly. Phil enjoys the work, but his most recent assignment is about to become his most dangerous yet. Phil does not know it, but his peaceful existence is about to change…
avengers_au  clintbarton/philcoulson  raiining  space  wordcount:20.000-29.999  natasharomanov  nickfury 
december 2017 by tittakv
The Coulson-May Accidental Bed and Breakfast Retirement Plan (Go Ahead Ask Melinda to Serve You Breakfast in Bed) - anarchycox
How Melinda May and Phil Coulson fall in love, retire, open a superhero B&B, and protect the world from demented sheep, but not exactly in that order.
fanfiction  agentsofshield  humor  melindamay  philcoulson  crack  friendship  nickfury  may/coulson  romance 
august 2017 by ficrecbitch
Straight on till Morning by Sineala
Avengers comics meet Stark Trek TOS

Tony Stark resigned his commission in Starfleet five years ago, after a disastrous away mission, and he swore he'd never go back. He just wants to be left alone to build warp engines in peace. But the universe has more in store for him than that, as he discovers when Admiral Fury comes to him with an offer he could never have expected and cannot possibly refuse: first officer and chief engineer aboard the all-new USS Avenger, a starship of Tony's own design. What's more, the Avenger's captain is Steve Rogers, hero of the Earth-Romulan War. Believed dead for over a century, Steve is miraculously alive... and very, very attractive.

But nothing is ever easy for Tony. As he wrestles with his secret desire for his new captain and his not-so-dormant fears, another mission starts to go wrong, and Tony becomes aware that Steve has secrets of his own -- and the truth could change everything.
fic  slash  avengers  startrek  startrek:tos  fusion  steverogers  tonystark  steve/tony  nickfury  janvandyne  hankpym  clintbarton  caroldanvers  wandamaximoff  pietromaximoff  rhodey  au  ptsd  h/c  author:sineala 
july 2017 by ashtree22
Okay, I know we love the idea of SJW!Steve
But have you stopped to think about what an intense, hardcore activist Nick Fury would be?

I mean, come on guys: He’s a disabled dark skinned (bisexual in my headcanon) black man who looks to be in his forties who has DEFINITELY seen some shit. I mean, he’s said it himself that like his grandfather, he loves people(but doesn’t trust them).

Just look at his entire character: Nick has seen the absolute worst of people, has been betrayed and deceived, yet he has a deep live for humanity and dedicated his life to ensuring it’s safety.

I mean, SJW!Nick has SO MUCH potential that, frankly, we’re squandering. Just think about all the antiblack racism he’s had to endure, being assumed to be a menace just because of his race or folks being even more suspicious of him. Or the casual ableism he’s subjected to(the “How does Fury see?” “joke” Tony made in the Avengers & how he commented it sounded “exhausting” to have to turn). Yes Tony, it IS exhausting, living in an ableist society not built to accommodate you & being reduced to “cyclops” jokes.
fanmeta  avengers  nickfury 
october 2016 by timberwolfoz
How do you solve a problem like Maria? - stuckytrash (ThursdaysAngelCastiel) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Maria knows that the Winter Soldier was a ghost story, and nothing more. [Maria Hill-centric and POV. She figures out who the Winter Solider is and that Hydra is in SHIELD before Cap ever wakes up. Great au]
au  MariaHill  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  NickFury  BuckyBarnes  WinterSolider  fanfic  recs  gen  team  friendship  MCU 
july 2016 by meri_sefket
Vigil - adi_rotynd - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Sam Wilson gets default custody of the Winter Soldier. There are concerns about the health and safety of this arrangement.
captainamerica  samwilson  buckybarnes  gen  impliedslash  depressing  sad  pov-samwilson  nickfury  natasharomanov  steve-died  wintersoldier  length-medium  adi-rotynd 
july 2016 by ratcreature
Of All the Gin Joints by everybodylies
The Winter Soldier bonds with Nicholas Fury over dead Hydra agents and fond memories (i.e. when the Winter Soldier tried to assassinate him.)
fic  gen  mcu  captainamerica  buckybarnes  nickfury 
may 2016 by yasaman
actualmenacebuckybarnes: gimme that avengers au... - that kind of grateful
gimme that avengers au where steve and bucky went down with the plane TOGETHER and were unearthed TOGETHER and spend the entire movie just kind of squinting at tony stark like, this guy, amirite??

(thor looks at them sadly, once i shared a bond with my brother similar to yours

bucky makes a face, what, you fucked him too?)

There is no pretense at being a good soldier. You can just WATCH Fury’s blood pressure rise.
fanmeta  avengers  steverogers  buckybarnes  nickfury 
april 2016 by timberwolfoz
all roads lead to by tremontaine
"Natasha/Bucky vs. Tropes." Love the sex pollen one
fic  het  mcu  captainamerica  natasha  buckybarnes  natasha/bucky  nickfury  thor 
april 2016 by yasaman
Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club by sara_holmes
Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club. (Invitation and pending mental health evaluation required.)

"When Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, Clint’s first thought is that Tony Stark’s pride and joy is quickly becoming a less of a very tall and expensive ‘fuck you’ in the faces of investors who don’t believe in self-sustaining energy, and more of a superhero rehabilitation center."
fic  avengers  slash  clintbarton  buckybarnes  bucky/clint  steverogers  tonystark  steve/tony  nickfury  jarvis  mariahill  natasharomanoff  brucebanner  ptsd  family  deaf!clint  awesome  favourite  author:sara_holmes 
february 2016 by ashtree22
Asset recovery - freshbakedlady
Nick Fury's boss in the CIA just lost a piece of surveillance equipment. It happens to be attached to a pigeon. Unfortunately for Nick, one Sam Wilson, age seven, is now also attached to the pigeon. Very attached. [1,777 words]
avengers  captainamerica  gen  nickfury  animals/pets  kidfic  spies 
september 2015 by cunningplan
Asset Recovery - freshbakedlady - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
1777 words | Nick Fury's boss in the CIA just lost a piece of surveillance equipment. It happens to be attached to a pigeon. Unfortunately for Nick, one Sam Wilson, age seven, is now also attached to the pigeon. Very attached.

// this is DELIGHTFUL
fic  fandom:Marvel  MCU:CATWS  gen  NickFury  SamWilson 
september 2015 by chaoticallyclev
Asset Recovery bt freshbakedlady
Nick Fury's boss in the CIA just lost a piece of surveillance equipment. It happens to be attached to a pigeon. Unfortunately for Nick, one Sam Wilson, age seven, is now also attached to the pigeon. Very attached.

oh no it's too cute
fic  gen  mcu  captainamerica  avengers  nickfury  samwilson 
september 2015 by yasaman
Introduction to Shakespearean Comedy by matchsticks_p (matchsticks)
Abed starts dating The Falcon, so a jealous Troy gets a new socially awkward man to replace him. If you know A Midsummer Night's Dream, you'll know how this should end.

(In which Abed is a technician at S.H.I.E.L.D. and Troy is head of air-conditioning systems, while Sam and Bucky are trying to figure some things out.)

crying with lolz
fic  mcu  crossover  community  captainamerica  samwilson  abed  troy  buckybarnes  steverogers  natasha  annie  sam/abed  sam/bucky  troy/abed  bucky/troy  nickfury  slash 
september 2015 by yasaman
All Your Reasons - Chapter 1 - Jilly James (Jilly) - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), NCIS, The Sentinel [Archive of Our Own]
Bruce Banner has a list of reasons by he’s not looking for a guide and isn’t interested in bonding. After a chance encounter on the streets of DC, the Hulk is clearly on board with having found their guide. Once Tony gets past being plucked up, sniffed, and taken away, he manages to accept a sentinel with a serious multiple personality disorder. Bruce is clearly outnumbered.
Avengers  Crossover:NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  TonyStark  BruceBanner  NickFury  Thor  SteveRogers  ClintBarton  Natasha-Avengers  TonyDiNozzo/BruceBanner  Guide!Tony  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal!BruceBanner  Sentinal!Hulk  Author:Jilly  AO3  ChapteredLessThan5  15000Words+  LeroyJethroGibbs  TonyLeavesNCIS  Classic!NCIS  Classic!Avengers  BruceisSTUBBORN!  Cuddly!Hulk  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  J.A.R.V.I.S  angst  SitwellisaBASTARD  TonyDiNozzoWorksforStarkIndustries  10000Words+  RoughTrade 
august 2015 by kliqzangel

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