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werewolves of london
There once was a boy born to a wolf. There once was a wolf born to a woman.

Harry lives in a world of middle ground: neither fully human nor fully wolf, used to and uncomfortable with his fame, possibly neither man nor woman (maybe both, maybe a third option). He hits it off with Nick immediately when they meet, and Nick seems to have everything Harry didn't know Harry could want: the ability to shift, a balance of fame and personal life, and comfort with an identity that his family doesn't have or understand. Harry falls for Nick, but how can they forge a life together if Harry doesn't entirely know who he is?

This is the story of when boy and wolf meet, the people who raise them, and about the journey to understand yourself and what you really want.
werewolf  onedirection  nick_harry  genderID  soft 
march 2016 by cee_m
mpr*g by ymorton
It's the biggest scandal of the decade. No, the century.

future fic mpreg, set in 2017.
nick_harry  onedirection  mpreg  angst  misunderstandings 
march 2016 by cee_m
Lost Coastlines - pukeandcry - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nick doesn’t know what you’re meant to do when Harry Styles has suddenly come back from the dead.

It's been a year since Harry and Niall died in a plane crash – only it turns out they didn't, because they've just been rescued from the island they've been stranded on, and Harry is suddenly back in Nick's life, not quite good as new.
nick_harry  angst  onedirection  ptsd  panicattack  anyage 
january 2015 by cee_m
Look at me so ordinary becka
Harry wouldn’t say he came to London for a radio DJ. It would sound creepy and weird, and he has a good place studying law at UCL. But the fact is, Nick Grimshaw was a major tipping point.

OR, In which Harry is an accidental stalker and Nick doesn't know it.
nick_harry  onedirection  au  silliness  college 
december 2014 by cee_m
Old Dog, New Tricks becka
Nick’s thirty-eight years old and just been dumped. Moving into his old flat in Primrose Hill feels like a further step backwards, but at least he has a new (old, flatulent) dog and long-suffering BFF Daisy Lowe for company, and the hot young barrister down the street is awfully friendly...

Based on the plot of Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie. Written for the harlequin1D challenge on tumblr.
nick_harry  onedirection  au  dogs  schmoop 
december 2014 by cee_m
Like a Lightning Strike - Anonymous - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Swapped Jackets, Mahiki, M4M

I think you accidentally took my red tartan jacket from Mahiki last night. My keys were in my pocket. You had an avocado in yours, which I'm sure was equally important.

One Direction never make it past judges houses, but Nick and Harry manage to meet and fall in love anyway.
nick_harry  onedirection  schmoop  au 
november 2014 by cee_m
Kiss me in your childhood bed rivers_bend
Seventeen-year-old Harry Styles is excited to be spending Christmas with Nick Grimshaw's family. He wasn't sure what to expect, but he never in a million years expected to get to meet seventeen-year-old Nick.
nick_harry  onedirection  timetravel  agechange 
october 2014 by cee_m
Go and Run Into Me ciel_vert
Nick Grimshaw is on his annual pilgrimage to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival when he finds something he didn't know he was looking for.
nick_harry  AU  onedirection  schmoop 
september 2014 by cee_m
On the Catwalk, Yeah rivers_bend
“Not gay, Niall,” croaks Harry’s right arse cheek. Or the weight on top of Harry’s right arse cheek anyway. Which is presumably Zayn’s head, given the context clues and the fact that last time Harry saw him, he was wearing a full face of Ace Frehley makeup and a spiked leather jacket.

“M’not gay either,” Harry points out.

“People can be bi,” Niall reminds both of them. “That’s also a thing.”

Or the one where Harry Styles moves to London, becomes a model, and realizes that there's more to than one route to your dreams.
schmoop  nick_harry  onedirection  au  first-time 
september 2014 by cee_m
Aubergine Heart jeyhawk
AU. The thing about Harry is that he just appears one day. Technically, he's Henry's new assistant, but he seems more like everyone's new best friend because suddenly he's everywhere. He's a troll-eyed nineteen year old in skinny jeans and bandanas who likes sticky sweet drinks, talks like honey drips, and shows up at every function/party/dinner/fucking DATE Nick goes to for months until he's Nick's new best friend too and that's just unacceptable.

Or Nick and Harry are idiots in love. *heart-eye* *heart-eye* *heart-eye*
nick_harry  onedirection  schmoop  friendstolovers  fluff  au 
september 2014 by cee_m
Most Dauntless, Voiceless Fortitude - mrsronweasley - Radio 1 RPF, One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Harry Styles of the Holmes Chapel Styleses comes to London after his first year in university. He meets the toast of the town, Mr Nicholas Grimshaw. Everything changes. (Regency AU)
nick_harry  onedirection  historicalfic  first-time  angst 
september 2014 by cee_m
Who would like 21k of Nick/Harry 13 Going on 30 AU? (Oh god. What have I done.)
“Oh darling,” she sighed. “These things seem so important at your age, but it’s only one fight, alright? I know it feels like there’s a big gap between you and Nick now, but when you’re older no one will even notice. No one will care when you’re 30 and he’s what, 34? That’s nothing.”

“I want to be 30 now, then. I hate this, it’s rubbish.”

“Oh love, you don’t, really,” she said, but he really, really did.

A 13 Going on 30 AU. Underage warning as Harry is 16 for a portion of this (see notes).
nick_harry  onedirection  au  movies  anyage  timetravel 
september 2014 by cee_m
Restoring Force - sunsetmog - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
It's the end of things; it's the beginning of everything else.

Or: it's Nick's last Breakfast Show.
nick_harry  onedirection  slowburn  soft 
september 2014 by cee_m
Any fin is possible Gorgeous Nerd (gorgeousnerd)
Harry falls off his ship and washes up onto an island. Turns out, he's not the only one looking to get home.

Or: in which Harry is not a pirate, Nick doesn't like a cuddle (except when he does), and they both have magical secrets.
nick_harry  onedirection  au  mermaids 
july 2014 by cee_m
We can be crazy like that rivers_bend

There’s no sender’s name inside either, though. What there is, is a return train ticket from St Pancras to Paris, leaving after the show and returning Sunday afternoon, a members card in his name for what turns out to be a private club he’s not heard of in the second arrondissement—thank you google—a smaller, but still creamy, envelope containing five-hundred euros, a map of the Paris Metro in English, and a postcard, blank on the back, of the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night.
onedirection  nick_harry  travel  roleplay 
july 2014 by cee_m
Tell Me Your See-Through Secrets - rivers_bend - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]

Nick’s good with people, but he doesn’t exactly pride himself on being hyper-aware of every mood shift in the room. He’s not that guy. He has been noticing though, that Harry can go weirdly quiet if you hold his wrists.
onedirection  nick_harry  subdrop  pwp  bdsm  kink_discovery  via:isweedan 
june 2014 by cee_m
"commercial company"
ymorton's 1D/Radio 1 RPF fic. "truck stop prostitute au, because why not?

harry gets lost halfway across america. improbably, nick finds him."
via:gorgeousnerd  onedirection  nick_harry  hookerfic  sweet  angst 
june 2014 by cee_m
oh my GOD new favourite thing
The first time Caroline asks him if he's fantasised about having sex with another guy, she has to take her mouth off his cock to do it, so Harry doesn't think it's entirely his fault if he blurts out the truth instead of a careful lie.

or: the one where Caroline likes to get Harry to try new things.
caroline/nick/harry  threesome  nick_harry  angst  first-time 
april 2014 by cee_m
What Happens in Ibiza - LittleMousling - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
It's been almost four years since Nick has seen Harry Styles, and that's no one's fault but his.
onedirection  nick_harry  angst  pining  misunderstandings  BDSM 
march 2014 by cee_m

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