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Title: Moodle 2 for teaching 4-9 year olds : beginner's guide -- British Library
Title: Moodle 2 for teaching 4-9 year olds : beginner's guide : using Moodle to create quizzes, puzzles, and games to enhance the learning ability of your students / Nicholas Freear.
Author: Nicholas Freear
Other Titles: Variant Title: Moodle 2 for teaching four to nine year olds
Subjects: Computer-assisted instruction -- Computer programs; Open source software; Computers and children; COMPUTERS -- Educational Software; Computer-assisted instruction -- Computer programs; Computers and children; Open source software; Electronic books;
Dewey: 371.334
Rights: Terms governing use: Copyright.
Access restrictions: NON_PRINT_LEGAL_DEPOSIT
Publication Details: Birmingham [England] : Packt Pub., 2011.
Language: English
Identifier: ISBN 9781849513296 (electronic bk.); ISBN 1849513295 (electronic bk.); ISBN 9781849513289 (electronic bk.); ISBN 1849513287 (electronic bk.); BNB GBB6G4033; System number: 018011989
Notes: Includes index.
Physical Description: 1 online resource (vi, 242 pages) : color illustrations.
Shelfmark(s): General Reference Collection DRT ELD.DS.89706
UIN: BLL01018011989  library  moodle  book  nick 
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Title: Automated visual inspection for the quality control of pad printing. -- British Library
Title: Automated visual inspection for the quality control of pad printing.
Author: Nicholas David Freear
Subjects: Dewey: 502.85
Publication Details: University of Birmingham, 2001.
Identifier: System number 012390340
Notes: Dissertation note: Thesis (Ph.D.)
System details: Mode of access: World Wide Web.
Obsolete shelfmark: DX229332
Shelfmark(s): EThOS
DRT 396064
UIN: BLL01012390340  library  thesis  nick 
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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at Tiered % Badge
2485 cloudengine
CloudEngine is an easy way to create a social web site for discussing & aggregating ideas & resources. It is ideal for running events & fostering discussion.... GPL-2.0 Nick Freear 15%
2486 our-journey
Our Journey: A student journey representation tool

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