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that which we call a rose
Zayn pops his head around the door suddenly, the sounds of Louis stomping down the stairwell echoing out behind him.
“Wait,” he says, even though Niall isn’t going anywhere. “What’s your name?”
“Ah. I’m Niall.” He grins. “Although... what’s in a name?”
“That which we call a rose,” Zayn says, trailing off with a small grin before the rest of him disappears behind the closing door.

[Or, they're at Juilliard and Niall plays the guitar and Zayn has a beautiful falsetto and Liam, Harry, and Louis need some help putting on Romeo and Juliet.]
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december 2017 by eenitsujj
the falling kind (an atlas to follow)
If Niall were to be honest, he kind of wishes there was a chase. The kind created by an impressionable meeting and a loss of words. One that thrived on covert glances and artfully written text messages. But with Zayn, there never really was. It was simple.

They met and—

And Niall doesn't know how else to describe it: the kinetic and magnetic click, the instantaneous veneration, the overwhelming enthrallment.

Zayn is sun kissed skin and beautiful, inked collarbones and smooth, bony hips, dark colored beanie hanging from his pocket and loose jumpers, pen stained fingertips and paint streaked arms—and, well. Niall is enraptured immediately.
university  niall/zayn  long  friends-to-lovers 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
Show Me Your...Something
Niall accidentally overhears Zayn wanking in the shower, and maybe he'd be able to stop thinking about it constantly if Zayn wasn't doing his best to make that impossible.
niall/zayn  smut 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
wanna be your left hand man
“As a starving artist writer type,” Louis sniffs, hooking his chin over Zayn’s shoulder, “you should be eating this shit up.”



Or, the American College AU where Introvert Artist Zayn meets Scene Musician Niall, and things occur.
favourite  university  musicians  au  niall/zayn  long 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
Naive Melody
"The clock on the side table says it’s just after midnight when he wakes up to Theo screaming and crying for his mother. Just after midnight, so a good three and a half hours of sleep and that’s that. It’s like the kid has finally caught on that all is not well. That his parents have really and truly gone.
He keeps crying when Niall picks him up out of his cot and it seems he doesn’t stop for three days."

Post-Zayn canon fic. Zayn steps in to help Niall deal with Theo. Niall isn't sure how to deal with Zayn.

This is sort of a mish-mash of a couple of my prompts, including canon pining and single dad Niall with optional accidental baby acquisition. I couldn't figure out how to give Niall a baby without something terribly sad happening, so I opted for an extended babysitting gig. I hope it works! <3
niall/zayn  hurt/comfort  post-zayn  long  favourite 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
if you let it be something
“The only reason–” George suddenly can’t contain his laughter and needs to take a moment to collect himself. He doubles over for a few long seconds, then straightens up again to wipe an imaginary tear from his eye before continuing. “Oh, lad. The only reason that potion would cause someone to nearly propose marriage is if they were already embarrassingly in love with you.”
niall/zayn  harry-potter-au  au 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
Lean back
"Roughhousing," Niall clarifies, inching closer so he doesn't have to raise his voice and risk waking Harry. "It turns you on. You're like an actual Pavlov's Bell."

"You know what Pavlov's Bell is?" Zayn asks, looking genuinely surprised.
smut  niall/zayn 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
with the sun in my eyes
Niall is the enthusiastic Vice President of a GSA and Zayn is just trying to live.
niall/zayn  fluff  au  university 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
stillness in woe
Zayn gets lost, and ends up finding Niall.
niall/zayn  friends-to-lovers  long 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
10 things i ____ about you
“Did the doctors tell you anything already?”

Niall shrugs a little. The movement catches the collar of the too-big t-shirt he has on, one of Liam’s he must have stashed away in his bag. There’s a bruise on his shoulder, probably from the impact, hitting something hard, unmoving and solid. “Far as I know I’m thinking about trying out for X-Factor next month. They said that already happened.” He bites his lip, and his gaze flicks over at Zayn for a moment. “Did I win?”

Amnesia fic.
niall/zayn  favourite 
november 2017 by eenitsujj
Settle Down With Me
artist!Zayn and fratboy!Niall. Zayn draws and Niall's in a frat and they make it work somehow, they do.
november 2017 by eenitsujj
(no one could steer me right, but mama tried.)
You aren’t really a good person, but god damn, you make bad look awesome.
favourite  niall/zayn  1d  high  school 
october 2017 by eenitsujj
(right in there.)
When you touch me, my mind is gone. The only words I know are lost inside your body.
1d  wolf  niall/zayn 
october 2017 by eenitsujj
(Don’t worry. We’re all doomed eventually.)
I know your weakness. It’s kisses. You are doomed.
magic  fluff  favourite  1d  niall/zayn 
october 2017 by eenitsujj
Before We Burn
“Have you ever read one?”

“What, a book?” Niall scoffs. “What kind of question is that? Of course I haven’t. I’ve just seen the covers. I’ve read what they say I can read.”

“You should.” The stranger’s eyes burn into his own, and Niall can’t look away.
niall/zayn  toread 
may 2017 by eenitsujj
where everybody knows your name
“well boys,” he says, scratching at harley’s head. rhino barks at that, and zayn obliges him by petting him too. apparently, that means that he’s showing too much attention to the dogs, and tigger appears from wherever she’d been hiding, taking her rightful place in his lap. “and girl,” zayn adds, politely. “guess we’re back.” 40k
ughdirection  niall/zayn  by:stormdancer 
august 2016 by thatsapplejack
The Ground Whereon He Walks
“You could come home with me.”

“Yeah?” Zayn turns, waggles his eyebrows and leers. “You offering yourself as a rebound?”

“Hah,” Niall snorts, and glances down at the ground. “No, like. I’m going home to spend the summer, you could tag along, if you wanted.”

Zayn blinks. “To Ireland?”
pairing:  niall/zayn  au:  real  life  type:  friends  to  lovers  au:  college  smut  fic:  one  direction 
april 2016 by eenitsujj
Out of Space, Out of Time
AU in which Zayn is new in town, Niall might not be where Zayn thinks he is, and Harry sets them up on a blind Skype date.
au:  real  life  fic:  one  direction  pairing:  niall/zayn 
march 2016 by eenitsujj

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