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Bressie/Niall, body worship
Now that Liam and Louis have gotten bit by the tattoo bug, the lads want Niall to get one, too. Bressie won't stand for it.
Niall/Other  BodyWorship  Unfilled 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Prisoner of my Own Body - Chapter 1 - sosodesj - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to forsee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developping feelings for her..... (First person. Long. Self-insert dark fic? 1D fandom, you do surprise me. Haven't read.)
bandom:onedirection  louis/other  harry/other  zayn/other  niall/other  liam/other  dark  kidnapped!au  captive 
february 2013 by casey_sms
Others/Niall Rape Protective Liam
One day Niall is walking back to the tour bus by himself (Maybe he went out to get food?) and gets attacked by a group of boys who hate One Direction. They beat him up and one of them decides that they should take turns raping him. Liam is out looking for him and sees them. He gets pissed off and beats the crap out of them and takes Niall back to clean him up. If you want to end it with Liam/Niall or any other pairing with Niall that is fine with me.

I am a horrible person and I am now going back to my corner in shame.
Niall/Other  Non-Con  Violence  Liam/Niall  Hurt/Comfort  HurtNiall  Protective  Filled  Completed 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Ed/Niall Teacher/student AU (TRIGGER: Underage)
Ed (19) is Niall’s guitar teacher (working out of a music store or something like that. not an actual school.) and Niall (17) has a crush on him.

So basically Niall pinning after Ed and trying to get Ed to see him as more than just a student. Eventually it works. And then sex with some fluffy goodness?:D
Niall/Other  StudentTeacherAU  AU  Underage  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Sean Cullen, coming home & coming out fic, webcam, hotel, sexting, firsttime
Niall is back in London after touring the world with the rest of 1D, for a break. Sean comes over to visit Niall as he hasn't seen him in a while and missed him. Niall secretly loves Sean, but he became famous and didn't want Sean to have to deal with the media and crazy fans, so he never said anything. What Niall doesn't know is that Sean loves Niall and is pretty sure Niall loves him. He wants Niall to know that no matter what he'll stay by his side.
Out of impulse Sean kisses him. After, the initial shock wears off they confess their feelings for each other. Niall expresses his fears and Sean reassures him that he doesn't mind all of the attention. They stay on the lowdown for a week as they hang out with other people and secretly go on dates. Niall has to go back to work soon and Sean has to go back to Mullingar. The day before they both go their separate ways they have sex. They were holding it off for awhile because they both were afraid of going too fast and ruining things.
They keep in touch over webcam (sex), they tweet each other, text (sex), etc. Eventually, the other boys in 1D begin to catch on and tease him about finally finding a girlfriend. After a little while Niall just blurts out that he has a boyfriend. The boys are supportive, but continue to jokingly tease him about how he reacts when he gets a text from Sean. Blushing, smiling, etc.
Fast forward to the boys having finished the first show of their 2013 tour and Sean has come to visit. In celebration of how well the show went and Sean’s arrival they have sex in Niall’s hotel room. Sean’s stays for a few days.
The fans have been suspicious of Niall and Sean’s relationship for awhile, because he is seen with the irish lad far more often than usual. As the evidence has built fans have been more watchful. Out of nowhere, a picture of Sean and Niall kissing from one of their first dates appears on Tumblr and spreads like a wildfire across the internet. Forced out of the closet, Niall and Sean have to deal with the media, publicists, Niall’s bos
Niall/Other  ComingOut  Webcam  Sexting  Firsttime  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Simon Simon telling Niall he's worthless Warnings for mental abuse
In like an interview or something someone asked if they were upset being put together instead of going on their own in xfactor and Niall said no because he knew he wouldn't have gotten far without them.

I just want Simon putting Niall down, like first he told him he was the worst in the band and lucky to have them, and Niall believed him because it was Simon Cowell and he was just trying to help him improve, and he never forgets it.

Years later Simon visits to help with the album and Niall keeps believing it. Starting with little, "no, Niall can't sing that part have Harry do it." or "autotune that" and eventually its down to him saying in private "You're only in the band because you're cute" and "I'm the only way you can be beautiful" and they start having sex but only because Simon's destroyed Niall's self esteem.

if you want you can have one of the boys (or Demi lovato haha) notice and help him and maybe be in love with him but really idc i just want simon abusing niall's self esteem.
Niall/Other  Abuse  Insecurity  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Robbie Williams
Niall got performing tips from Robbie at the concert. Is Niall worried about his blowjob skills sucking (HA!) or about some other bedroom skill? Fortunately for him, Robbie teaches him. Thoroughly.
Niall/Other  Blowjob  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/ Other (Zayn?) Monster Au
Weird prompt, but I couldn't not post it.

Word has it that Mullingar is being attacked by the 'Mullingar Monster', terrorizing the towns people. Cue Supernatural Hunter/ overcocky villager (preferably Zayn, but I'm not picky) going to go hunt down the 'monster' because he only expects maybe kids trying to play a joke, but instead finds Niall, an actual monster. (I'm thinking like a werewolf or something, not too horribly grotesque or like a legitimate monster). Zayn's scared, Niall finds him, and claims him as his own.
My idea was just you know, a medieval village, rumors of a werewolf/monster, overcocky villager/ 'monster hunter' goes to find said 'monster', finds actual monster Niall, and smut. Top!Niall.
Niall/Other  AU  Supernatural  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/OMC, hotel sex, rough sex, top!Niall
Niall has a boyfriend from London, who he met after the band became famous. However, none of the fans or the media know that he's Niall's boyfriend. They think he is just a childhood friend. But, he's not and he meets up with Niall at the hotel he's currently staying in. They chill out a bit watching movies and eating. Then, Niall fucks his boyfriend in various positions and places.
Niall/Other  RoughSex  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Demi Squirting (Possible) AU
AU where Demi is just a normal teen girl (18 or 19) and is a huge 1D fan. One day someone buys her a 1d comforter and she loves lying on it and wrapping herself up in it/etc. Niall is her favourite and one day while masturbating she gets the idea to do it near the image of his face and ends up squirting on it.

Or basically the same thing but minus the AU bit. So in other words Demi actually going out and buying one just so she can do that. And maybe (somehow idk) Niall catches her in the act and decides to let her do it for real?
Niall/Other  Het  Squirting  Masturbation  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Harry, Niall/Zayn, or Niall/OMC - Niall being chill
Niall is very social. He wanders off and befriends random people. One direction staff members, random fans, hotel employees, anyone who is friendly. And everyone loves him. I want the other band members of 1D to find this peculiar but not think much about it like it’s just Niall being Niall. But I also want Niall to get around a lot. He’s secretly bi-sexual (but not really secretly because if anyone really paid closer attention they would see it in an instant) and the rest of 1D don’t know, they just think he’s being friendly (which he is half the time, but the other half the time he’s flirting and if anyone expresses an interest they usually hook up) I don’t care if he just makes out with them or if he sleeps with them but I want it to be like in good fun, not a darker idea of him slutting himself around or anything.

Anyways then this boy (18 or 19) joins the 1D staff and he and Niall hit it off in an instant and they become really close friends seemingly. But really they’re dating (in a slow courtship sort of way, like a cute shy high school relationship almost).

And then someone can comment on how much time they’re spending together or how close they are and Niall’s just like “yeah, well he /is/ my boyfriend.”

Now it’s up to the author what happens next. I either want Harry or Zayn to also be secretly gay or bi and be really surprised Niall is so casual about it and if it’s Zayn he can be in love with him and really jealous of this boyfriend OR if its Harry, then he just confide in Niall about it cuz he’s really scared to come out (cuz Louis is so paranoid about people thinking he’s gay/dating harry and if harry comes out then it’ll be worse for lou) and then Niall and him fall for each other.
OR If you don’t want to break up Niall and his new BF then someone from management can find out and say he can’t date boys because he has an image to uphold and the rest of 1D defends him.

So yeah I know there a lot of options there but I’m not really sure how I want it to go, I just want someone to explore Niall b
Niall/Everyone  Niall/Other  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Katy Perry, Zayn/Rihanna, Zayn/Niall, Katy/Rihanna, Zayn/Niall/Katy/Rihanna post VMA sex
After the VMAs, Zayn and Niall get to talking to Katy and Rihanna. They end up in one of their hotel rooms/suites, all of them on a huge-ass bed. Zayn is making out with Rihanna and Niall with Katy and things are getting hot and heavy when the girls suggest they swap for a bit. The boys assume the girls will switch, but then Katy and Rihanna start making out and keep daring Niall and Zayn to do it. So they do. Ends with a foursome in any combination/position that inspires you :D
Niall/Other  Zayn/Other  Niall/Zayn/Other  AwardsShow  Het  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Demi/Simon, non-established relationships, threesome
God help me for wanting this... One night, all three of them are hanging out (they're all like 'Simon is chaperoning our date haha') and things end in a threesome. Bonus points for Simon and Niall focusing on Demi at first but it turning more Simon/Niall as it progresses :)
Niall/Other  Threesome  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Wiz Khalifa, post-VMA sex
Wiz has no idea why this random kid actually kissed him when accepting an award, but he's intrigued.
Niall/Other  AwardsShow  Unfilled  ClaimedPrompt 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Niall Size Kink
Because look


He is so much taller and broader and his hand spans Niall's whole shoulder ;__; And he could just pick him up and manhandle him like it was no big deal. And Niall could wear his shirts and they would be huge on him and I just want this quite a lot. And they're both called Niall and that would be a bit weird during sex.

please and ty hopefully the html works
Niall/Other  SizeKink  HeightDifference  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Matt Edmonson, bathroom sex
Based on this video (, Matt wasn't actually kidding about wanting to know about how big Niall is. Niall decides to show rather than tell & preferably bathroom sex ensues.
Niall/Other  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Nick Grimshaw
Maybe something from Liam's birthday party? Or when they ran into each other after Niall got interviewed. Or whatever, it could even be an AU! Bonus points for Harry trying to be the matchmaker or even just being exasperated about how neither of them can see how hopelessly into each other they are.
Niall/Other  Unfilled  ClaimedPrompt 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/OFC, Niall/OFC, trying to steal the other's girl. Warning: dub-con
Niall goes to a club and finds himself sleeping with a prostitute that works there. Lots of blushing and nervousness on his side. She becomes best friends with him, and befriends Liam, Zayn, Louis, Perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle. They all know about her being a prostitute. Harry hasn't met her because he's too busy doing something all the time. Niall takes her to a movie premiere where they all have dates, and Harry practically salivates when he sees her. He repeatedly hits on her, and she kindly turns him down. Harry overhears some conversation about her/between her and someone, and he eventually finds out she's a prostitute, so he goes to the club and pays to sleep with her. He walks in and she's hesitant because she doesn't really want to, but he paid, so she has to. Fierce, rough, hot sex ensues and then that's that.

tl;dr: Niall has a prostitute for a best friend and Harry wants to sleep with her.
Harry/Other  Niall/Other  Het  Prostitute  RoughSex  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Justin, highschool!AU
Make of it what you will; I don't even care if there's sex or anything. I'd love it if Niall wears Justin's varsity jacket at some point. I kind of just want some possessive!Justin and maybe some fluff, and it would be great if they're not together yet at the beginning, and then get together in some way or other. Pretty please, thank you, I love you!
Niall/Other  HighSchoolAU  AU  Fluff  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme

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