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Policing at 'tipping point' over budget cuts, warns police chief | UK news | The Guardian
West Midlands chief constable says agreement needed on what police should stop doing
UK  Austerity  Police  rationing  NHS  Council 
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Private health firms squeeze out GP-run extended services | Society | The Guardian
Doctors, MPs and campaigners have hit out at the “creeping privatisation” of general practice, with private companies being handed contracts ahead of groups of GPs.

They are demanding the repeal of parts of the coalition government’s controversial Health and Social Care Act 2012, so that NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are no longer forced to tender for any contract worth more than £615,000.
NHS  Privatisation 
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RT : Real life (2018) versus Scarfolk (1974/2014).
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Our principles guide decision making of people making services and tools in the .

They also help peop…
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