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Tips for Deploying NGINX (Official Image) with Docker - Docker Blog
via Pocket - Tips for Deploying NGINX (Official Image) with Docker In the past year alone, the Docker community has created 100,000+ images and over 300+ million images have been pulled from Docker Hub to date.
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yesterday by mannieschumpert
How To Optimize Nginx Configuration | DigitalOcean
via Pocket - How To Optimize Nginx Configuration Nginx is a fast and lightweight alternative to the sometimes overbearing Apache 2. However, Nginx just like any kind of server or software must be tuned to help attain optimal performance. The droplet must also have a freshly installed and configured Nginx server running.
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yesterday by mannieschumpert
How To Run Nginx in a Docker Container on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean
via Pocket - How To Run Nginx in a Docker Container on Ubuntu 14.04 This tutorial shows how to deploy Nginx in a Docker container. By containerizing Nginx, we cut down on our sysadmin overhead. We will no longer need to manage Nginx through a package manager or build it from source.
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yesterday by mannieschumpert
Nginx as reverse proxy with acme (letsencrypt) - Alpine Linux
This setup will allow you to have multiple servers/containers accessible via a single IP address with the added benefit of a centralized generation of letsencrypt certificates and secure https (according to ssllabs ssltest). Be aware that you first need to setup a regular HTTP server in order to be able to generate your HTTPS certificates and keys. After you have generated them, you can then add your HTTPS host based configuration.
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2 days ago by peterkaminski
Customizing Kubernetes DNS using Consul to scale Nginx RTMP
At Nanit, we’re running a very large cluster of Kubernetes with lots of nginx-rtmp pods to support our customers’ live feeds of their baby’s cribs. Running lots of nginx-rtmp pods imposes a scaling…
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2 days ago by geetarista
Nginx PHP-FPM: Socket vs TCP/IP and sysctl tweaking
Tweak PHP-FPM for higher concurrency. Also switching from unix-sockets to TCP/IP and sysctl.conf tweaks.
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3 days ago by dsh1705

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