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Pain(less) NGINX Ingress – Daniel Martins
なんかもうすごい知見だ。conntrack モニタリングいいな。
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14 hours ago by summerwind
Pain(less) NGINX Ingress – Daniel Martins
Some things I've learned in my journey using the NGINX ingress controller in production.
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2 days ago by pinterb
Optimizing web servers for high throughput and low latency | Hacker News
I spent some time looking at this recently. I'm focussed on throughput, not high TPS. The quality of blog posts is absolutely atrocious. There's a lot of blog posts that amount to "Set this setting to this value" but no real explanation why, or what the setting actually does. Some of what I've seen are actually downright dangerous.
development  devops  scalability  nginx 
3 days ago by dano

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