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Championship Weekend Special – 4 Teams, 4 Reasons to Cheer | Heroes in the Game | Heroes in Life
Christian article about Christians on teams who played in the NFL conference championship games yesterday, including Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp, Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Patriots tight end Dwayne Allen, and Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt.
Rams  Saints  Patriots  Chiefs  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Kupp_Cooper  Bridgewater_Teddy  Allen_Dwayne  Colquitt_Dustin  Christian 
yesterday by milligan00
Little-known rule: When you commit pass interference and targeting on the same play in the final two minutes o…
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2 days ago by joha04
Not enough time to submit for , but had some fun with and data using au…
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NFL's Super Bowl Breakfast to honor Jaguars' Calais Campbell in 2019 - Sports Spectrum
Christian article about Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell being honored at the Super Bowl breakfast this year.
Jaguars  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Campbell_Calais  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
6 days ago by milligan00
The Increase | To Love Like Christ – Trey Burton
Christian article by Bears tight end Trey Burton about loving others how Christ loves us.
Bears  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Burton_Trey  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
7 days ago by milligan00

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