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ams AS3956 NFC to SPI/I²C Interface Tag IC | ams
ams AS3956 NFC Sensor Interface Tag IC acts as a contactless bridge between sensors and any NFC reader.
nfc  spi  i2c 
18 days ago by doegox
The Little Carnivore
The Little Carnivore website is a blog about cat and raw feeding. You will find information on how to feed naturally your cat but also about cat in general.
cats  article  maine_coon  NFC 
25 days ago by dicewitch
Skute - Making the physical, digital
App triggered by NFC. Lots of potential, but suffers from the 'Blippar problem' - people don't want to download an app they've never heard of. Could just work though... Good example of 'By Invitation' - create a small, locked community
widgets  new-companies  darksocial  nfc 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Contrast | Launch Center Pro
Launch actions on your iPhone — not *just* apps.
launchcenterpro  automation  nfc 
6 weeks ago by bonni208
iPhone 8 and X have a sort-of secret weapon in NFC - SlashGear
Core NFC appears in iOS 11 so you can program with it.
nfc  iphone8  iosdev 
6 weeks ago by aleck

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