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Whiplash Treatment Get Help Now! 1-800-949-6100
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What Airbnb did to New York City's housing market • CityLab
Alastair Boone:
<p>To map this process, Wachsmuth and his team used estimates of Airbnb activity from <a href="">AirDNA</a>, a California-based firm that scrapes and analyzes Airbnb data. They studied Airbnb activity from September 2014 to August 2017, including more than 80 million data points, for the whole 20 million population of the New York City metro region. They also used a number of new spatial big-data methodologies developed specifically to analyze short-term rentals.

Their conclusion: Most of those rumors are true. Wachsmuth found reason to believe that Airbnb has indeed raised rents, removed housing from the rental market, and fueled gentrification—at least in New York City. To figure out how, the researchers mapped out four key categories of Airbnb’s impact in New York: where Airbnb is concentrated and how that’s changing; which hosts make the most money; whether it’s driving gentrification in the city; and how much housing it has removed from the rental market.

The phrase “home sharing” evokes an image of an individual who opens their home and rents out their extra space to wanderlust-y strangers. This is, after all, how Airbnb got its start: Struggling to make rent in San Francisco, founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky started renting out floorspace in their living room and cooking breakfast for their guests in 2007. Today, it is worth some $30bn.

While many people still use the platform this way, Wachsmuth found that 12% of Airbnb hosts in New York City, or 6,200 of the city’s 50,500 total hosts, are commercial operators—that is, they have multiple entire-home listings, or control many private rooms. And these commercial operators earned 28% of New York’s Airbnb revenue (that’s $184m out of $657m).</p>
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The Curse of 666 Fifth Avenue, the Skyscraper That Could Sink the Kushners
"666 was a trap waiting for a gullible buyer. It was as though the hubris of the Wall Street predators puffing away at their cigars in the penthouse had been successfully grafted to the aura of the whole building"
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