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New York City Raids Condo Building in Crackdown on Airbnb Rentals - WSJ
New York City law-enforcement officers swarmed a Manhattan condominium last month, issuing 27 notices of violations in one of the largest crackdowns on short-term rentals such as those listed on Airbnb.
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The new boomtowns: Why more people are relocating to ‘secondary’ cities - The Washington Post
Brown and Shuman are part of a wave of people migrating from coastal cities to “secondary” cities — drawn by a lower cost of living, lighter tax burden, job growth and a better chance to buy a home they can afford.

Nashville, Sacramento, Atlanta, Phoenix, Austin and Dallas are among the top-10 cities with the largest influx of new residents, according to new data from the Redfin real estate brokerage.

Not surprisingly, high-cost cities from which people are fleeing include San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Washington.
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Thanks due to the many who helped us shape Diversity in Tech Week, which led to this award in like…
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Spellbound by Harry Potter and the Museum of Magic - The New York Times
At the New-York Historical Society, a glimpse of the folkloric, cultural and scientific influences on the magic of the popular series.
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