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Does Diplomatic Immunity Really Make It So You Can Get Away with Murder?
Yes, but you're likely to be PNGed, have your diplomatic immunity revoked, be prosecuted at home and/or lose your job.
But, again, when it comes to tickets and following the rules of the road, this does seem to be something diplomats from all nations occasionally like to ignore. In fact, thanks to the headquarters of the United Nations being in New York City, it turns out the city is currently owed in excess of $20 million in unpaid parking tickets from diplomats from various countr...
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Hundreds of Dancers, Smeared in Motor Oil, in a Drum-Fueled Frenzy on the Streets of Brooklyn - The New York Times
A man wearing a helmet with large horns stuck to it was trying to bring in a strange contraption made of a baby stroller with speakers surmounted by the black-painted torso of a mannequin with flowing blond hair, a deer antler sprouting from the top of her head, and a raised arm holding a large Grenadian flag.
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