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Reader payments now make up 12 percent of The Guardian’s revenue - Digiday
The Guardian now gets more revenue from consumers than from advertising. More than 900,000 people pay it through a combination of membership, recurring contributions, print and digital subscriptions and one-off contributions, accounting for 12 percent of the publisher’s total revenue.
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Reader payments now make up 12 percent of The Guardian’s revenue - Digiday
The Guardian now gets more revenue from consumers than from advertising. More than 900,000 people pay it through a combination of membership, recurring contributions, print and digital subscriptions and one-off contributions, accounting for 12 percent of the publisher’s total revenue.

Speaking at the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe in Barcelona, Spain, this week, Anna Bateson, chief customer officer at The Guardian, said she sees that 12 percent figure rising to around 20 percent of the publisher’s total. Unlike advertising, which can be limited by market borders, donations have a more global scope — contributions come equally from the U.K., U.S. and the rest of the world. But the publisher has to overcome payment friction and learn more about what drives donations.
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The Guardian and Ad-Tech Vendor Rubicon Project Settle Legal Dispute - WSJ
Rubicon Project claimed the Guardian had caused loss and damage by letting other ad-tech vendors sell “at least some of” its online advertising inventory.
The companies have now “mutually agreed to resolve their dispute” through a confidential settlement on Oct. 11, Rubicon Project said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday.
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Tortoise. Open journalism - a different kind of newsroom. by Tortoise — Kickstarter
We are a membership business, built for and with our members. 
Our newsroom will be (literally) open to our members. 
There’ll be no ads. Tortoise will be blissfully pop-up free. 
We’ll never, ever, sell or share our members’ data. 
We can look you in the eye and tell you we call it as we see it.
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Buzzfeed To Launch Unique Toy Store In NYC This Fall |
BuzzFeed is planning to open a toy store in New York City later this fall.
New York Post reported that the store, called “Camp,” will be located in an 11,000-square-foot space in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. Toys will be featured at the front of the shop, while the back will be an “experiential” area where visitors can take photos to share on social media.
In a unique twist, the store’s theme and merchandise will change several times a year. For example, for several weeks the space might be decorated like a jungle and sell exotic stuffed animals, and then change to reflect an ocean theme, or a sports theme, and so on.
Camp’s strategy is similar to the one started by another Manhattan store, STORY. In fact, Rachel Shechtman, STORY’s founder, is an advisor on the BuzzFeed retail project.
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LADbible acquires Unilad |
LADbible said in a statement: “As of today, LADbible Group and Unilad Group are now united under the same roof. This transforms the media landscape worldwide.Bringing these brands together makes us the largest social video publisher ever, and a youth media brand to be reckoned with, having over 120 million followers across our social channels. In August alone, our combined videos were viewed 4.5 billion times.”
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Can Harding make Slow News pay? - BBC News
Slow News has been around for centuries: some people call it magazines; others, the 'Features' section. To take one example, The Economist has a periodical print offering, a daily digital offering, and an events business. How is Tortoise Media any different?
Harding says The Economist is the "most successful news brand in the UK", and with well over a million loyal customers, isn't a bad place to begin. He says this venture resembles "the love-child of TED Talks and The Economist."
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BuzzFeed to Launch NYC Toy Store This Fall | The Toy Book
The toy shop, called Camp, will be located at a 11,000 square-foot space at 110 Fifth Ave. in the Flatiron District. Kids toys will be in the front of the store, while an experiential area in the back will feature a spot for visitors to post sharable social media posts and will change several times a year.

The approach for Camp will be unique in that merchandise and décor will change every few months to fit different themes, according to the report. Customers could see the space decorated as a jungle and selling exotic stuffed animals, and then change to a holiday theme by the next time they visit.
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The value of each CVL token may change over time, but the dollar equivalents required for certain actions remain constant.
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Unilad: Facebook viral publisher goes into administration | Media | The Guardian
Unilad, one of the biggest publishers on Facebook, has gone into administration, putting hundreds of jobs at risk and casting doubt on whether outlets that rely on the social media platform for distribution can become sustainable businesses.

The website’s parent company, Bentley Harrington, has debts of more than £6m, including £1.5m owed to HMRC, a court heard on Thursday.

Unilad’s co-founder Alex Partridge, who is owed £5m by the company after successfully arguing he was cut out of the business, had also called for it to be put into administration.
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