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What Elon Musk and Donald Trump don’t get about journalism
They are serving an agenda, but it’s one that seems unrecognizable to Musk and Trump. Their agenda is the truth. That sounds idealistic and it is. (And when the full truth’s not something that can be guaranteed–often, it isn’t–at least the agenda is toward accuracy.) Certainly, many journalists face pressure to get clicks and that sometimes leads to hyperbolic headlines and selective details. And at some news outlets there is too often a confirmation bias–a left-leaning publication might accentuate the negatives about a conservative lawmaker’s new policy while minimizing the potential benefits or adequately representing that politician’s arguments and vice versa.
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8 hours ago by dancall
Alex Creators
"The rule was still that if either of them had an idea for a strip they had to draw it out in rough and show it to the other, rather than tell it."
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yesterday by gilest
This Is How a Newspaper Dies - POLITICO Magazine
It can die profitably by "harvesting market position"--raising prices and lowering quality.
9 days ago by alexbecker
Why the “golden age” of newspapers was the exception, not the rule » Nieman Journalism Lab
People have always cared about news. They have just found different modes to gather and consume it. The next decades will look more like the times before the golden age, when newspapers competed with many other methods to gather news.
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17 days ago by tysone
Why Local Newspaper Websites Are So Terrible
No designer worth their salt is actively seeking to make a frustrating user experience for an online news reader. The free web, however, is a problem for all publishers, and an acute problem for smaller ones—the ones without the design expertise or robust sales teams needed to mitigate some of the online aesthetic shitshow that was created as the bottom fell out of the print classifieds and advertising market.
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18 days ago by basus

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