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9 Newsletters To Make You Smarter
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2 days ago by jorgebarba
CSS Support Guide for Email Clients (Campaign Monitor)
Campaign Monitor обновили свой справочник по поддержке CSS в популярных почтовых клиентах. Что изменилось —
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4 days ago by jvetrau
Roundups — Curated collection of newsletters & roundups for designers
Подборка рассылок на тему продуктового дизайна.
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4 days ago by jvetrau
npm weekly #112: npm CLI and supporting Node.js versions, a Non-Violent Communication video we love, plus a new Teacup video! 💕
via Pocket - npm weekly #112 We support the most recent release of each of those versions. For example, if you’re using Node version 8.2.1 and running into problems, we’re going to ask you to first upgrade to Node version 8.4.0, because that is the version supported.
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7 days ago by mannieschumpert
React Newsletter - Issue 84
via Pocket - Issue 84 September 7th 2017 The first React 16 RC is now available for public testing. ? Still confused about what exactly React Fiber is and how it changes React? This article will definitely help.
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14 days ago by mannieschumpert
npm weekly #111: npm on CTRL+CLICK CAST, Polymer 3 moving to npm, plus we go to Zürich for RustFest!
via Pocket - npm weekly #111 In episode 99, hosts Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis chat with Laurie about web development trends, including a discussion on frameworks and the pros and cons of adopting web trends. Listen to the full episode at CTRL+CLICK CAST or read the full interview transcript.
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14 days ago by mannieschumpert
Email Marketing Software, Services and Newsletters | MailerLite
Affordable Email Marketing Software for Small Business. Visit our website and try Email Marketing Services for Free.
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15 days ago by madfab
7 Really Good Unsubscribe Pages + Preference Centers (Really Good Emails)
Kait Creamer собрала примеры хороших страниц отписки от рассылки и изменения настроек частоты и формата таких писем.
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26 days ago by jvetrau
React Newsletter - Issue 82
via Pocket - Issue 82 August 24th 2017 Borrowing the concept of delegation from native iOS, this is a new approach to solving the callback mess you can end up in with React. Sometimes it can be easy for React components to get a bit bloated, and that's not always a bad thing.
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28 days ago by mannieschumpert
 npm weekly #109: we chat with Clue 🔍, version 5.4.0 is out now ✅, plus we’re still hiring! 🎉
via Pocket - npm weekly #109 In our continuing series of Customer Convos, we chatted with npm customer Jan Klausa from the popular period tracking app Clue.
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28 days ago by mannieschumpert

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