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React Newsletter - Issue 85
via Pocket - Issue 85 September 21st 2017 React Native Bootcamp is for developers who would like to quickly learn the fundamentals and concepts needed to build cross-platform mobile applications using the React Native framework. Tyler sat down with Styled Components co-author and passionate coffee lover Max Stoiber.
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19 hours ago by mannieschumpert
Mobile Web Weekly
Check out our latest issue (#176) for a sample of what we're about.

Check out our latest issue (#176) for a sample of what we're about.

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20 hours ago by michaelfox
Newsletter - Code for South Africa
RT @EvaConstantaras: @paulbradshaw I like for the snark and the non Western #ddj focus
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
Best in Visual Storytelling
Another email newsletter if you're interested in datavis: by @rschallom #ddj
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
AlphaFlow Raises $4.1 Million Seed Round Backed by Resolute Ventures
Sturm said the funding would enable AlphaFlow to grow even faster and continue to reinvent real estate investing to match client demands: a highly diversified, passive experience that is transparent, aligned with their best interests, and focused on identifying the most favorable risk-return opportunities.
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yesterday by andrewsavikas
Survivorship Bias – Ignoring Hard to Find Data
Survivorship bias also rears its ugly head in finance and business. Because of the nature of data, it’s easier to find records of things that exist than no longer exist. You need to be vigilant and watch out for situations where survivorship bias skews the data.
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yesterday by andrewsavikas
Letter - Premium WordPress Themes by Press75
Letter is the perfect WordPress theme to help you launch any email newsletter powered by MailChimp. Letter is a minimalist landing page theme including MailChimp integration, space for social links and a bit of intro text. Letter is also 100% responsive which means that your potential subscribers will have a perfect experience no matter where or what they are using to access your site
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2 days ago by iChris
Offscreen Dispatch
once-a-week newsletter with an assortment of products and articles for the discerning web worker
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3 days ago by jshwlkr

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