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Teen phone monitoring app leaked thousands of user passwords | ZDNet
The database stores the parent's email address associated with TeenSafe, as well as their corresponding child's Apple ID email address. “The data contains the plaintext passwords for the child's Apple ID. Because the app requires that two-factor authentication is turned off”. Note this was not a “traditional database” but a celery queue according to the screen shots. Your message queue needs to not transmit plaintext as well as your database storage system. Additionally, services that require 2FA to be turned off are decidedly worrying
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18 hours ago by bruntonspall
Weekly Threat Report 18th May 2018 - NCSC Site
If you have admin users, you shouldn’t have a single user called admin. It implies shared credentials and a lack of good role based access control
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19 hours ago by bruntonspall
The borrowers: why Finland's cities are havens for library lovers | Cities | The Guardian
“A library card was the first thing that was mine, that I had ever owned,” says Nasima Razmyar. The daughter of a former Afghan diplomat, Razmyar arrived in Finland with her family in 1992 as a refugee fleeing political unrest. via Pocket
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21 hours ago by thewavingcat
Ancient Rome’s Collapse Is Written Into Arctic Ice - The Atlantic
Scientists can finally track the civilization’s economic booms and recessions—thanks to the exhaust of its massive coin-making operation, preserved for centuries in Greenland’s ice sheet. via Pocket
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21 hours ago by thewavingcat
Costa Rica to ban fossil fuels and become world's first decarbonised society | The Independent
Costa Rica’s new president has announced a plan to ban fossil fuels and become the first fully decarbonised country in the world. Symbolically, the president arrived at the ceremony in San Jose aboard a hydrogen-fuelled bus. via Pocket
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