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CSS Weekly — Weekly e-mail roundup of latest CSS articles, tutorials, tools and experiments
Weekly e-mail roundup of latest css articles, tutorials, tools and experiments.
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CSS Layout News
A weekly collection of tutorials, news and information on all things CSS Layout.
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Rape in the storage room. Groping at the bar. Why is the restaurant industry so terrible for women? - The Washington Post
Caroline Richter, a New Orleans waitress who described being assaulted by a customer, founded a group called Medusa — named after the mythical maiden turned into a Gorgon as punishment by Athena for being raped by the god Poseidon in Athena’s temple — with a goal of creating best practices for bars and restaurants regarding sexual harassment.
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2 days ago by brycecovert
Foundation for Emails
A Responsive Email Framework from ZURB
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5 days ago by flome

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