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New School Archives: Digital Collections: Collection: The New School oral history program [NS070101]
"The New School Oral History Program, initiated in 2012, consists of recorded sound interviews conducted by Archives and Special Collections staff and faculty partners on an ongoing basis to document aspects of university history that may not exist in other recorded formats. Interviewees consist of New School administrators, faculty, and staff, both current and retired. These interviews cover the twentieth and early twenty-first history of different academic departments and disciplines, university offices, and affiliated institutes. Recordings are all in English."
newschool  oralhistory  archive  2012  POPR  transcript  audio  interview 
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DIY Branding and Design | The New School
"You have all the tools you need to express our commitment to creativity, collaboration, and innovation in graphic form. Below are the three cornerstones of the new visual identity system."
newschool  branding  neue  diy  selfserve  archetype  design  poster 
may 2016 by quarry
The New Store – The New School |
"What makes New School merchandise so special? It is our one of a kind typeface designed just for us. It’s called "Neue" and is unlike any conventional font. In fact, it breaks all the font-like rules. After all, at The New School we are always rethinking and reinventing convention. That is why our 5 schools are renowned for world changing creativity.

Our system brings together letters in different widths to create distinctive impressions, and the red letters are our very own Pantone color called Parsons Red. This specially designed system means each item is as unique as you are."
newschool  shopping  branding  lifestyle  design 
may 2016 by quarry
PETLab » People
The Prototyping, Education and Technology Lab (PETLab) is dedicated to the design and use of games as a form of public interest and engagement. To do this, we emphasize iterative design methodologies and the processes of collaborative design. Through our work, we connect with scholars and designers in the field of digital media, practitioners working in the spheres of education and social issues, and people of all ages at play.

Support for PETLab has come from the AMD Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning initiative, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Knight Foundation, The New School University and other generous funders.

We have worked with a wide range of partners such as MTV, Microsoft, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the National Academy of Public Administration, Radiolab, Public Radio International, Migration Policy Institute, Area/Code, the AMD Foundation, the American Red Cross, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre, the New York Public Library and the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania.
games  icebreakers  newschool  civics  analog  play 
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parsons paradox
"The school is losing students (and money?). Still, despite what may seem to be the problem, the lack of wellbeing and togetherness, the New School keeps promoting these exact things; collaboration, interaction and socializing. They know about the problems they are facing and yet they continue to promote something they do not actually have; a community.


It is peculiar that I, a Norwegian freshman, appear to be the first one to acknowledge the Paradox’s existence. I am saying ‘acknowledge’ because everyone at the New School seem to know about it. I believe I have pointed at some of the issues towards untangling the Paradox; however, it yet has to be resolved."
newschool  parsons  parsonsparadox  openletter  postering  postdemocracy 
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