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The Brooklyn Free School
A grassroots movement formed in the summer and early fall of 2003 with the goal of offering a true educational alternative to the traditional orthodoxy of education now dominant in most public and private schools in this city, the Brooklyn Free School has now sprouted wings and has been up and running since September 2004. The community is composed entirely of parents, students, educators and others who believe that freedom and democracy are not just textbook concepts, but a way of living and learning - for our children as well as ourselves. The Brooklyn Free School is dedicated to the belief that all students must be free to develop naturally as human beings in a non-coercive educational environment and empowered to make decisions affecting their everyday lives and that of their community. Students are not segregated by age. There is no set curriculum except the establishment of an all-inclusive democratic system that runs the school. A grassroots movement formed in the summer and
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Anomaly | New York City | London
Ad agency that creates intellectual property and licenses it to clients.
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Gmail Stops Automatically Adding Contacts - Webmonkey
Gmail Stops Automatically Adding Contacts By Scott Gilbertson July 14, 2008 Categories: Software & Tools Google has changed a longstanding and controversial behavior in the company’s mail app — Gmail no longer automaticall
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