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simon remiszewski
"I am interested in experience. In the mediation of experience through technological process. In the metaphors and myths used to construct and direct these technologies. In promises and ideals, and their associated realities. I am interested in methods of appropriation and subversion. In repetition and re-contextualization. I am interested in truth, and in faith. In the algorithmic and infrastructural processes that inform living in the world."
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august 2018 by aparrish
The Department of Fun and Games
A Manifesto implies a fixed set of beliefs.
Beliefs are tedious and tiresome to have especially when they grow and change.
The department has no manifesto.
However, we are aware of and often attempt to use the sensuality of art, the symbolic and formal aspects of science , the iconic and constructive nature of design and the pragmatism of commerce and capitalism.
artists  sound  newmediaart  technology  lab  artscience  India 
april 2017 by derishus
Jesse Darling
Desktop Residency is an artist desktop wallpaper project by artist John Henry Newton and curator Barnie Page
art  exhibition  newmedia  desktop  curation  contemporaryart  newmediaart  netart 
june 2016 by elsorrio
Danja Vasiliev / / Critical Engineering
Vasiliev studies Systems and Networks through anti-disciplinary experimentation with hardware, firmware and software. Using computational platforms he engages in examination and exploitation of System and Network paradigms in both the physical and digital realms. Based on these findings, Vasiliev creates and exhibits works of Critical Engineering. Since 1999 Vasiliev has been involved in computer-technology events, media-art exhibitions and seminars around the world. He has received a number of awards and mentions at Ars Electronica, Japan Media Art Festival, and Transmediale, among others
artists  engineering  hardware  programming  technology  media  newmedia  newmediaart  software  firmware  network 
march 2016 by derishus
Prix Cube International Digital Art Prize for Emerging Artists
Le Cube is a pioneer in the French cultural scene: an outstanding venue for digital art and creation, firmly rooted in the heart of innovation, education and the digital society. It has been acknowledged within and outside France as an iconic forerunner in these fields since 2001. Le Cube invites everyone to discover and practise new forms of expression through fostering dialogue. It encourages creative approaches, while giving collective thought to transformations in society. It aims to be a spawning ground for experimentation, and a creative, “constant demo” workshop. Created in 2001 on the initiative of the Issy-les-Moulineaux town council, Le Cube is a venue belonging to the Grand Paris Seine Ouest district authority, and is managed and coordinated by the ART3000 Association.
digitalarts  innovation  education  society  artists  prize  digital  art  technology  newmediaart  newmedia 
december 2015 by derishus
About ← MuDA ↵
Opening its doors (hopefully) in 2016, the Museum of Digital Art will be Europe's first physical and virtual museum dedicated to digital arts — an open space connecting creativity and technology.
Zurich  Switzerland  museum  digitalarts  newmediaart  mediaart 
june 2015 by derishus
Mobile. In Touch with Digital Creation -
Through the programme «Mobile. In Touch with Digital Creation», the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia addresses the impact of the omnipresence of mobile and connected interfaces on contemporary creation. «Mobile» aims to give visibility and stimulus to Swiss creators who take advantage of the possibilities offered by these devices in focusing on new modes of expression. The areas of activity favoured by «Mobile» are the different forms of interactive design and transmedia creation. To explore these areas, «Mobile» is supporting and producing around thirty projects between 2013 and 2015, in partnership with Swiss and international organisations and creators.
Switzerland  digitalarts  gaming  games  newmediaart  newmedia  symposium  festivals  storytelling  digitalstorytelling 
january 2015 by derishus
lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her artistic practice combines natural sciences, new media and performance. She is interested in all aspects of anthropocentrism; the reconstruction and reappropriation of scientific methodology in the context of cultural phenomena; living systems in connection to inanimate systems manifesting life-like properties; and terRabiology, an ontological view of the evolution and terraformative process on Earth. While working towards an egalitarian and critical discourse between the professional and public spheres, she tries to envision artistic experiments that produce questions relevant to anthropology, psychology, and philosophy. She extends her artistic research with art/sci workshops devoted to informing and sensitizing the interested public, particularly younger generations. She is a member of Hackteria.
artists  bioart  biology  Slovenia  newmedia  newmediaart  performance  anthropocentrism 
november 2014 by derishus
Officina Corpuscoli
Maurizio’s practice, known under the name of “Officina Corpuscoli”, seeks to reveal unorthodox relationships among existing paradigms, aiming to promote the growth of critical thinking, through the development and materialisation of tangible alternatives. To this end, the design process and the subsequent materialisation of concepts are used as tools and strategies for questioning culture, while at the same time they are often offered as a critical statement to the design field itself.
bioart  mycology  newmedia  fungi  film  materials  biomaterials  newmediaart  research  artists  design  Netherlands 
november 2014 by derishus
teamLab / チームラボ
interactive  design  portfolio  art  installations  newmedia  newmediaart  Japan 
march 2014 by derishus
The 17th Japan Media Arts Festival
The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of MediaArts (=Media Geijutsu) that honors outstanding works in the four divisions of Art, Entertainment,Animation, and Manga, as well as providing a platform for appreciation of the works that have won awards.
festival  art  media  prize  award  manga  entertainment  newmediaart  animation  Japan 
january 2014 by derishus
CIANT has supported production and promotion of technological art and culture since 1998. CIANT is an international platform for research, production and presentation of creative use of information and communication technologies within the arts, often intersecting with various scientific domains. During the last 10 years CIANT has established art/science collaborations with research institutes, universities, art centres as well as individuals across the whole of Europe and beyond.
art  digital  gallery  newmediaart  prague  interactive  technology  CzechRepublic  bioart  theory  criticaltheory 
november 2013 by derishus

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