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STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry is a flexible laboratory for new modes of arts research, production and presentation
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14 days ago by crankin
Nicola and Jonas Maines: Twins born as identical boys, but one always wanted to be a girl | The Independent
Wayne explained that his son Wyatt had been expressing feelings he was a girl from the age of 2 and that his insistence he was born in the wrong body had made it difficult for him in school. They were convinced, and Wyatt’s doctors agreed, that he should be allowed to transition to being a girl.

“I see no reason to deny your request,” the judge said. “You are obviously very concerned about your child’s safety.”

For Wayne, this was the first time he’d shown any kind of public support for Wyatt being transgender. His instincts as a father had been tested without his even realizing it, and he’d responded to the challenge.
Inspirational quotes about LGBT rights
Caitlyn Jenner
Kanye West
Stephen Fry
Hillary Clinton

The petition was granted, and in a matter of days Wyatt Benjamin Maines would officially and legally become Nicole Amber Maines. The middle name was Kelly’s idea. She just liked the sound of it. Ultimately, the name change and petition were relatively easy. What neither Kelly nor Wayne knew as they walked out of the courtroom was that everyone’s life was about to get a lot harder.

Nicole and Jonas Maines graduated from high school in June, and Nicole underwent sex-reassignment surgery in July. They are both first-year students at the University of Maine.

Copyright: Washington Post
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Sarah Hromack | Sarah Hromack
Sarah Hromack—hello, yes, that is me—engages at the socio-systemic intersections of the arts, design, and digital media in a variety of capacities as a worker, writer, and thinker.

Whitney Museum of American Art (founding Director of Digital Media
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25 days ago by crankin
I’m so old that I used to work in new media. (This is a VHS tape!)
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6 weeks ago by fjordaan
Hacking the Flavor of Food With Electric Chopsticks - IEEE Spectrum
[Nimesha] Ranasinghe has also played around with flavor-enhancing water bottles, straws, spoons, and even an Internet-connected cocktail glass, which enables people to send virtual cocktails, or “vocktails,” to distant friends.

There’s one significant design constraint, however, which makes electric taste augmentation more of a geeky party trick than a viable solution for consumers. The taster’s tongue must come into contact with two electrodes to complete the circuit and allow the current to flow through it.

That double contact happens fairly naturally with the rim of a glass or soup bowl, but it’s less reliable with utensils. Imagine using a pair of chopsticks to pick up a piece of sushi; assuming you’re adept with them, your tongue probably wouldn’t touch the tip of either chopstick. That’s why Ranasinghe used mashed potatoes in his experiment, he says, because people had to basically lick the mushy food from the sticks.

No matter. Ranasinghe says it’s early days for this technology: “It’s like TV in the 1950s.” Right now, the picture might be in grainy shades of gray, he says, but one day virtual flavors will burst onto the tongue in glorious technicolor.
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6 weeks ago by jonippolito
[Economic critique of cybernetics via Hannah Weiner] The Poetry of Feedback - Journal #82 May 2017 - e-flux
Faced with the combination of the social and artistic critiques epitomized by the rebellion of May 1968 but in evidence throughout the period, firms sought to pit the two critiques against each other, engineering a form of pseudo-empowered, “flexible,” and “self-managing” work that met the demands of the artistic critique (for authenticity, creative expression, diversity of tasks, participation in decision making, flexible hours, etc.) in a manner that allowed for a newly intensive exploitation, effectively eroding the previous gains of the workers’ movement with regard to wages, workday length, and benefits. In short, the new self-directed employees would work much harder and longer than their predecessors.
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6 weeks ago by jonippolito

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