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So honored to announce that I’ll be playing in .

To say that I’m excited to join the show w…
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20 days ago by lurrel
Can you find love in VR? Maybe one day... [with Gene Herrschaft]
We may still be held back by much of VR technology, from the bulky, heavy headsets to the need for large swathes of space if you actually want to move around. Then there's the added difficulty of touch: your brain expects to feel something when you go to kiss someone or hold their hand, and instead you feel nothing, like the feeling of your foot falling through air when you thought there was one more stair.

Likewise, the restriction on movement in VR is necessary: "When designing any VR game or experience, you need to take into account the fact that basic movement is enough to make many users nauseous," says Gene Herrschaft, a University of Maine student working on a social VR project called 'Facilitating Meaningful Personal Interconnections Through A Virtual Space'. However, the solution to have the actor and player remain still at all times means that the player can be left feeling passive and unable to act as they normally would.

But despite the technological setbacks of VR, it's still so many steps forward from the intimacy of text chat. "Spending time with another person in VR doesn't feel 'less than' spending time with them in person," says Herrschaft. "In my experience, I've felt just as comfortable sharing more personal thoughts through VR as I have in person, at least to people I already know."

In my experience, I've felt just as comfortable sharing more personal thoughts through VR as I have in person

We're a long way past the days of falling in love through paintings and letters and cybersex on chat rooms. It seems at least somewhat likely that VR can help more than hinder when it comes to meeting new people and potentially falling in love. If VR technology can progress to the point where human facial expressions can be accurately simulated, we might be able to use it as more than just a novelty. Eye tracking alone would do much to mimic a more realistic experience, and that's almost here.

"VR already excels in natural, intuitive interaction," Herrschaft admits, "and being able to read emotion off of other people's faces could be a really great extension of that. This has strong potential to turn out goofy at first, but VR tech is developing rapidly, and it can't be great if it isn't bad first."
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11 weeks ago by jonippolito
Artist Profile: Petra Cortright | Rhizome
Could you describe the method you use for pricing your Youtube videos?

i price my videos by view count, so the more views the higher the price. my boyfriend ilia ovechkin coded the catalog and he did such a great job - he figured out a way to solve a potentially big problem which was in case a video went "viral" (lol) then the work could be like $200,000 or something and i dont think im ready to sell my work at that price yet heh so there is actually an equation in once it gets to a certain amount where the cents per view goes down once it reaches a certain view count, does that make sense i am probably sounding really confusing :) i started pricing this way from the beginning when i had to price work for the first time in 2009. i just wanted to figure out a way to make it easier on me so i dont have to struggle to try and price work because its uncomfortable, but i have to say that it becomes easier once you have something to reference back to, now i have a better idea of my price range but in the beginning i didnt know what was going on. i wish i could price everything this way haha. uhh i dont even think the link to the video catalog is on my website i cant believe i haven't updated that yet heres the link
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11 weeks ago by jonippolito
iDC BLOG: Interview with Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito
Jon Ippolito: Tenure, like copyright, has lost sight of its original purpose. There is a parallel between the problem that the university has in adapting to the digital world and the problems that copyright has in adapting to that same world. In both cases an initially very helpful idea has been corrupted into a paradigm of scarcity that keeps knowledge products in a small circle of a particular subculture. Currently, the tenure review process does not account for collaborations, as you point out. Knowledge is increasingly locked away, attached to money. In the case of tenure the gold standard is contributing to academic journals, each of which may cost a university $ 10,000 annually in subscription fees. This makes a sizable number of subscriptions to such magazines only possible for the Harvard's and MIT's, and often leaves professors at other schools unable to assign students their own texts because their library cannot afford them.

Yet the instruments of tenure and copyright can be used, perhaps, as a way to re-think these concepts. Copyleft/GNU licenses enforce a more democratic system. How can tenure be used in a similar way? A new initiative we are working on, the Maine Intellectual Commons, is exploring this question. One of our University of Maine colleagues, Harlan Onsrud, has recommended re-writing the tenure review criteria to favor open access publications over pay-for-access journals. The original idea of peer-review was great, but it has been corrupted by small hegemonic groups who have a pre-set investment in older intellectual paradigms. They often have an exclusive stranglehold on a field. If we broaden the notion of "peer" to what it means in the realm of peer-to-peer networks like Gnutella or bitTorrent, suddenly the term
connotes inclusion rather than exclusion.

Prioritizing open access publications is a hard thing to push through a university, however, because of all the bureaucratic hoops you have to negotiate, from the administration to the faculty senate to the unions. So Harlan suggested the short-term goal of simply re-writing the forms on which people submit their tenure applications. The top slots would be filled with open access categories. This would essentially not change the criteria but would make professors think twice when they realize that they do not have anything in these first four slots for open access books or articles. This is one half-way measure that functions in a similar way to copyleft, which is a half-way measure in adapting to the problem of copyright.
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11 weeks ago by jonippolito
Igloo Vision | Shared VR 360° Projection Domes
We offer a full range of Igloo projection spaces – from 6-to-21 metres in diameter, accommodating anything up to 1000 people.

You can own or hire any of them. They can come fully-crewed, or you can quickly learn how to operate them. And, if you want something more specific, we can build you your very own fully-equipped shared VR facility.
Available as standard solutions
or custom-builds
We offer a range of shared VR spaces – either as projection domes or cylinders.
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11 weeks ago by jonippolito

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