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American Arts Incubator | Exchange Programs
American Arts Incubator uses new media and/or mural arts as a means for engaging youth, artists, and underserved community members in overseas communities in Asia to advance U.S. foreign policy by addressing a local community issue, such as women’s empowerment, HIV-AIDS prevention, social inclusion, conflict resolution, and the environment.
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3 days ago by robduarte
(2) SHAN SHUI Interactive installation Geert Mul 2013 - YouTube
SHAN SHUI Geert Mul 2013 Interactive installation featuring 500 Shan-Shui (Mountain - Water) style Chinese paintings. Courtesy: Gallery Ron Mandos Amsterdam Software programming: Carlo Prelz Production assistant: Shihui Wang 地平线 Perspective is a cultural property. The history of paintings of landscapes shows us a history of perception. The relativity of perception becomes most apparent when we look at 'the other'. And so 'the east' (east of what ?) can serve as an excellent point of reflection for 'the west' (west of what ?) and the other way around. The installations Shan-Shui and HORIZONS ( form a complementary outlook on the perception of the landscape from the west and the east.
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5 days ago by jonippolito
Man & Machine
preening oakland robot artist using Semplice for WP
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21 days ago by inrgbwetrust

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