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If I am the only one standing in my way how do I obliterate myself
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5 days ago by TheLambdaCalculus
Are you a prospective or grad ? Check out the course page for ’s Critical Infra…
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12 days ago by hockendougal
fantastic review of my exhibition 1973 - 1992 now in by ! +…
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17 days ago by jonCates
my exhibition 1973 - 1992 reviewed in by Caroline Picard &&…
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17 days ago by jonCates
Digital Studio :: Art 202
Arts 202: Digital Studio: Code, Recipes, and Spells
Instructor: Margaretha Haughwout
Syllabus: Spring 2018
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27 days ago by jonippolito
Four reasons Slack will change how you teach (opinion)
Like most digital tools, Slack has privacy and user limitations. Importantly, although Slack has plenty of great academic uses, it was designed for business communications, not FERPA compliance. As always, communication about sensitive student information, including grades and personal information, should take place on a FERPA-friendly platform.

You should also consider how well students will adapt to managing Slack in addition to the other communication platforms used at your institution. At this point, Slack is not available as an integrated widget in most learning management systems. Your students will need to monitor their Slack space in addition to email, LMS messages and any other means your institution uses to communicate with students. We recommend clarifying Slack expectations with students; Slack may be ideal for quick questions, in-class activities or collaborative projects, but coach your students about times when an email or face-to-face meeting is more appropriate.

Finally, in all likelihood, your campus IT specialists will not be able to support Slack if a student runs into technical difficulties. Be aware that you, as the instructor, will have to be the help desk in these situations. Instructors should be prepared to help students navigate the platform from time to time and may want to curate a collection of explanatory videos to familiarize students with the platform.

So if you’re craving better-quality communication with students and diverse in-class participation, or you are just looking to incorporate something new in your fall syllabi, Slack might be the way to go. In a sea of digital tools, it's one we’ve grown to love.
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5 weeks ago by jonippolito
Net Art Anthology
Collection of historical net art projects from Rhizome
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5 weeks ago by mildlydiverting
► CG Chatter 024: Creative Director, Animator & Illustrator Jake Williams The CG Chatter Podcast: The Art, Business, And Lifestyle Of Creating Computer Graphics podcast
Welcome to the CG Chatter Podcast episode #24! In this episode I chat with Jake Williams, Creative Director, Illustrator & Animator at LooseKeys.

Jake is a fellow graduate of UMaine’s New Media program and, over the past several years, has worked on many different projects in a wide range of styles, with clients including Naked Wines, IBM,, and recently the bumper animations for Half Rez 2016. His animations are very lively and playful, and are inspired by a lifelong love of cartoons, games, and the goal of creating enjoyable entertaining content.

In addition to talking in-depth about his background and approach to tackling different kinds of projects, we also dig into his experience with social media and his tips on how to use it effectively. I had a great time catching up with him after our time in school together, and encourage you to check out his many featured work images below!
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6 weeks ago by jonippolito
State Machines
State Machines* investigates the new relationships between states, citizens and the stateless made possible by emerging technologies. Focussing on how such technologies impact identity and citizenship, digital labour and finance
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7 weeks ago by crankin
TV Viewers Keep Cutting The Cord, Opt For Streaming | WCCO-TV | October 2, 2018
Television viewing habits are changing. A Pew Research poll finds 61 percent of young adults rank online streaming services as the main way they watch TV. However, that same poll found more than half of Americans mainly watch TV by way of cable or satellite, highlighting the gray-area phase of television’s disruption. Media and Cultural Studies professor Michael Griffin has seen a lot of changes in his 20-year career at Macalester. He says the changes happening in TV and streaming are similar to what happened when cable entered the game. The main difference driving this movement: smartphones.
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10 weeks ago by macalestercollege

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