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die texte von frank lachmann sind nie besonders einffach zu lesen, der hier ist nur mittelhart. und ich kann einige, wenn nicht sogar die meisten beobachtungen über new york bestätigen. zum beispiel:
([…] in nyc wird auch öfter gehupt, und „deutlicher“ als in asien, weniger aggressiv andererseits als in münchen)
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7 days ago by diplix
Opinion | If I Win My District, I’ll Get Rid of It - The New York Times
New York’s 101st State Assembly District is a gerrymandered monstrosity.
I am working hard to win the race for the 101st Assembly District in New York — and if I succeed, I will work just as hard to get rid of it. The 101st is a monstrosity of gerrymandering that disenfranchises voters and weakens representative democracy in upstate New York.
I have to start every conversation on the campaign trail with a show-and-tell session featuring a map of our district. Invariably, residents of both parties shake their heads at the absurdity of it.
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27 days ago by rgl7194
Empire State Trail: Everything to Know About the New Hiking Trail - Thrillist
Here are two secrets: First, hiking is just walking. You can do it anywhere -- from your couch to the fridge, from your fridge to the bar, and from the bar to your bed. And second, you’ll soon be able to hike (or walk, jog, skip, bike, even cross-country ski) from The Battery in Manhattan to the Canadian border by way of the Empire State Trail.
Upon completion, the sideways-T-shaped trail network -- a 750-mile ribbon unfurling over 130 municipalities in 27 different counties -- will be the longest multi-use recreational trail in the US. Keep that in your back pocket for the next time somebody comes at you with complaints about New York's estrangement from nature. And aspiring sasquatches, birders, and supertramps have reason to rejoice right now. The project is on track for a grand opening in 2020, but much of the work on the EST’s branch from Albany to Buffalo involves connecting and re-branding pre-existing trails -- so you can trek, amble, and roll on more than half of the multi-use path today.
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7 weeks ago by rgl7194
The Best Rochester, NY Travel Tips From Our Readers
Wow, I really wasn’t expecting so many tips on my hometown of Rochester. We Rochesterians are used to losing: bids for the Olympics, Kodak and Xerox jobs, our area code to those jerkoffs in Buffalo. But this week we were winners, sharing over 140 comments with advice on visiting and living in upstate’s greatest city. For all the tips, read the staff tab under the original post. For highlights, read below.
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11 weeks ago by kger

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