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Watch River's Edge, the Drama by Tim Hunter | Fandor
The lives of a group of teenagers are thrown into a moral spin when one of them murders his girlfriend. Faced with the brutal reality of death, each must decide whether to turn their friend in to the police, or to help him escape the consequences of his dreadful deed. via Fandor - New Releases
Fandor  -  New  Releases  films  movies 
3 days ago by fandornews
Watch My Beautiful Laundrette, the United Kingdom Drama by Stephen Frears | Fandor
Two London youths, one a Pakistani, the other a white punk, meet after several years apart. Together they accept a business proposition from the Pakistani's uncle to open a laundromat. They re-vamp it into a video and neon palace rivaling some of the New York clubs. These friends also become lovers, learning about class, sex and life. via Fandor - New Releases
Fandor  -  New  Releases  films  movies 
3 days ago by fandornews
 [App of the Week] Never Use a Measuring Tape Again
Independent developer Sarah Marsh has redefined the way we use AR. This utility app replaces the need for a measuring tape or ruler. Point your phone at the starting point and tap, measure along the surface using the infinite AR tape, and then simply tap again to finish your measurement. The app will give you the specifications in metric or imperial.
Why We Love It
We can't tell you how many times we've reached for a tape measure that isn't there. Not to mention, measuring tapes are limiting when it comes to measuring around corners or abrupt edges. It also eliminates the need for additional assistance (how many times have you measured past 3ft, and needed to call for help?). Plus the UX is A+.
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4 days ago by matzner
New Photos Illuminate Michelle Obama’s White House
New Photos Illuminate Michelle Obama’s White House
New  Photos  Illuminate  Michelle  Obama’s  White  House 
5 days ago by gdw
Motorola Breathes New Life With Moto X4 and Moto G5S Plus
Motorola has just announced the availability of the Moto X4 and Moto G5S Plus in Singapore, just in time for the festive season. Also announced are three new “Moto Mods”, which can be used on the Moto Z2 to add interesting and useful new features to the phone. Moto X4 The Moto X4 is a...

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Motorola  Breathes  New  Life  With  Moto  X4  and  G5S  Plus 
5 days ago by vrzone

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