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Design for the New Normal (Revisited) | superflux
Anab Jain, NEXT konferansında "New Normal" üzerine verdiği panelde söylediklerine bir geri dönüş yapmış ve bir şeyler daha yazmış. Yazının içinde asıl konuşmanın linki de var, beraber okunması tavsiye olunur.
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may 2013 by ahmetasabanci
Overnight Levitation Returns As The Elephant In The Room Is Ignored | Zero Hedge
That, of course, is that the JPY 1 quadrillion bond market had to be halted for the second day in a row as the Japanese capital markets are fast becoming a very big and sad joke. The resulting flight to safety from Japanese investors, who sense that their own bond market is on the verge of breaking down completely, has managed to send French and Belgian bonds to record lows, the Spanish 2 Year to sub 2%, the German 6 month bill negative in the primary market, the US 10/30 year constantly bid and so on. The immediate result is that the bond-equity disconnect continues to diverge until one day we may get negative 10 Year rates coupled with an all time high stock market. Gotta love the fake New Normal market, in which the Japanese penny stock market was up another 2.8% to well over 13,000 even as the Shanghai Composite plumbs ever redder territory for 2013 on fears the birdflu contagion will hurt the already struggling economy even more.
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april 2013 by asterisk2a
Luck (Is Just Another Name for Miracle) by Anon (New Normal, Bryan, Shania, G, 1,716 words)
"Wait, what?" Bryan jogs after her. "Shania, wait. I missed something. This is like the first time I watched Buffy and I thought it was okay that Netflix sent me the DVDs out of order because really, how much could happen in season five?" She doesn't answer, so Bryan continues, "A lot. A lot could happen in season five."
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december 2012 by oxoniensis
Buttonwood: The nationalisation of markets | The Economist
... price lost its signal service due to policy of QE, ZIRP
... underwater balance sheets seem not to matter anymore

... Trapped in a cage of our own making
... To get free we either cut of limbs and risk bleeding to death
... Or we starve ourself so long till we fit between the bars

history suggests that once governments get involved in a sector, they find it hard to withdraw. Given the weak outlook, it is hard to imagine the circumstances in which liquidity support for the banks will be withdrawn, or the policy of low interest rates abandoned. This is a new financial and economic era.
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may 2012 by asterisk2a
Why Corporate Balance Sheets Just Don't Matter In The New ZIRP Normal | ZeroHedge
What, however, people do not know is that under ZIRP, when every basis point of debt return over 0% is praised, and an epic scramble ensues among hedge for any yielding paper no matter how worthless, the balance sheets of companies just do not matter. In other words, for companies that have massive leverage, high interest rates, negative cash flow, which all were corporate death knells as recently as 2008, the capitalization structure is completely irrelevant.
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may 2012 by asterisk2a
Change is the new constant: Leading organizations that (can) thrive in crises
From Alan Lewis in ChangeThis: Most organizations believe they are not working as well as they used to. They blame the rapid and unpredictable changes that are going on around them. But many of them have failed to grasp one fundamental truth: Change is the new constant. To be successful in the 21st century requires an approach that change is here to stay, so one of the most critical components for success is now the ability to build a culture to adapt and thrive in change.
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november 2011 by unison
Pimco's El-Erian Says Industrial Economies Risk `Lost Decade' - Bloomberg
Advanced economies risk a “lost decade” unless policy makers recognize the severity of the wounds left by the financial crisis, said Mohamed El-Erian, chief executive officer of Pacific Investment Management Co.

El-Erian, who popularized the phrase “new normal” to describe how growth will be depressed by consumer retrenchment and financial regulation, said governments and central banks haven’t detected the “ongoing paradigm shift” in their economies that will require remedies beyond stimulus programs. Among the fault lines he spots are strained balanced sheets, persistently high unemployment and a misunderstanding of financial markets.

“Having won the war, industrial-country societies are in the process of losing the peace,” El-Erian said in a speech yesterday in Washington during the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. “If they are not careful, they risk slipping into a lost decade of low growth, high unemployment and welfare destruction.”
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october 2010 by asterisk2a

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